Balanced body structure is necessary to maintain good health. Balance is defined as a specific skill that enables the user to hold a particular stance with stability. The following four exercises are designed to help improve posture and balance. Begin each exercise from the following starting position:

Basic Posture for Exercises

Sit firmly on a chair or stool near the front edge so that the thighs are free from the edge.
Keep knees apart at shoulder width apart. Keep legs straight down perpendicular to the floor. Both feet should be flat and firm on the floor, parallel and pointing straightforward.
Keep your body and spinal column stretched by pulling your abdominal muscles in while pulling your shoulders backwards so that the shoulder blades meet together in the midline of your back.
Breathe in and out slowly and deeply through your nose and into your chest using your chest muscles without making any noise.

Exercise 1

Begin with Basic Posture (stated above).
Grip the kneecaps between the index finger and thumbs, and then spread the other fingers around the knees. Push your chest forward and pull shoulders backward until the shoulder blades meet at the midline of your back.
Breathe deeply into your chest, while keeping the abdomen in, shoulder blades touching and chin in.
Exhale slowly and relax. Repeat 5 times.

Exercise 2

Begin with Basic Posture (stated above).
Have fingers of both hands interlaced in front of the body, turn palms to face outward and then stretch arms to full extent.
Bring hands and arms up over your head until both arms meet the ears, while breathing deeply into your chest, abdomen in, chin backward. Exhale slowly and lower the hands to rest on the top of the head with palms up, fully relaxed. Swallow to have further relaxation. Repeat 5 times.

Exercise 3

Begin with Basic Posture (stated above).
Extend left arm fully forward, keeping the elbow straight, wrist flexed so hand points up 90 degrees to arm, palm facing forward.
Extend the right arm forward, flex wrist so that the fingers point to the left and pull back on the three middle fingers of the left hand and stretch. Be sure that the left arm is flexed at the wrist only.
Push left hand forward, pull right hand back, and breathe deeply into your chest at the same time, abdomen and chest pulled in.
Release and exhale, relax and return right hand to knee.
Spread fingers of the left hand apart keeping the arm straight.
Breathe in deeply with fingers spread to the maximum, flexing the wrist downward.
Wiggle middle three fingers one by one.
Relax and slowly exhale, bringing the left hand back to the left knee.
Repeat for opposite hand. Perform both sides 5 times.

Exercise 4

Begin with Basic Posture (stated above).
Grip the bottom of the chair a little behind your buttocks and pull with both hands so that the shoulders are pulled backwards until the shoulder blades meet, keeping the body straight.
Extend left leg fully in front of the body, heel slightly off the floor.
Flex the ankle up towards your shin. Breathe in deeply at the same time, slowly exhale and relax the ankle without touching the floor.
Start rotating the foot and ankle to the full extent, slowly (2-3 times), while breathing in deeply, exhale and relax.
Reverse the rotation while breathing in again. Bring the foot back to the starting position.
Repeat for the opposite leg.