Did you ever catch yourself thinking that a man you see is gay? What traits of a person or cues of his appearance or movements can really cause such an opinion? Mostly people divide gays into two different types. First one is gays who have girly appearance and manners – if someone sees such person in public almost 100 per cent people will decide that he is gay. But that’s not always true. Second type of gays are those who you will be never noticed as gay – they look as any other guy looks, they are handsome, their speech is natural and they have no specific gay traits.

Guys who really belong to the first my mentioned category (girly guys) sometimes are heterosexual, I remember having a friend in school, who was best friend of girls, he was behaving as girl and everyone noticed that, but he was not gay. But the fact that his manners were like girls made everyone think that he cares just boys as sexual partners, that’s why it was very difficult to him to find a girlfriend. Fortunately he did succeed and found a girlfriend.

This story shows that there are still many people who think that gays are just one type persons. Usually described like this:

  • Mostly too much expresses his feelings;
  • Too much touches himself and the other people;
  • Like to be around with girls and chat with them about girly stuff;
  • Usually depilate their bodies, moisturize their skin, use self-tan cream and many other cosmetics;
  • Very concerned with their lips and hair protection and care;
  • Vulnerable and sensitive.

But that’s not true at all. Gays are really unhappy when they are being described like this. In fact many of homosexual people are very attractive persons, and obtain much attention from opposite sex. So discussing this topic people should try to be less categorical.

From the other point of view there is another wrong opinion about gays. People used to think that homosexuality is an orientation which could not be formed naturally. It is often being considered as a phase or particular period of life. According to such misconception, arose wry opinion that people become homosexual because of their environmental influence is really wrong.

Usually people being homo-orientated are from the birth. There is even reasoned theory how this can be. Researchers claim that the base of brain and fetus is female type at first. And only later a huge dose of male hormones – androgens change the brain into a male type. This is a scientific explanation about homosexual people birth. If we believe this attitude being right then recognition of gay man in publicity is mostly impossible. The reason of homosexuality is innate and all opinions and stereotypes about gay appearance or manners become not sensible.

So it’s up to you how to judge people – but you should always remember that you can insult innocent and straight people calling them gay/lesbian just because you have some old fashion stereotypes about them.

By : Rasa