Photography is actually painting with light.
Quality and position of light can make the difference between a common and great shot.
One of the most exciting things about photography is how the use of light, perspective, and color
can actually make a person, scene, or object look completely different.
The use of the basics, equipment, props, environment, and composition
can add or take away from a shot.


* Relax subjects as much as possible before and during shooting-(Praise Often)

1. Light quality & position, camera angle & pose, colors & props can change the look and mood of subject & shot. Use these tools to enhance positive features, and neutralize negative features.
2. IF IT BENDS, BEND IT! (fingers, elbows, wrists, knees, etc.)
3. Turn and Angle body slightly
4. Check and correct posture, adjust clothing problems, etc.
5. Weight on front foot can look more slimming
6. Demonstrate pose rather than just direct
7. Use the rule of thirds, "S", "V", diamond & diagonals to add interest to composition
8. Keep couples and groups close enough to keep depth-of-field even
9. Keep a connection between people, urge to get close
10.When shooting children get down to their level, shoot (F8)
11.At Weddings and family shoots get the shots involving children done first
12.Set lights, then angle subject or change camera angle when ever possible
13.Give people something to do, if can't relax
14.Combine sitting and standing, different levels, in groups
15.Shoot double chins high camera angle & have subject slightly bring face up & toward
16.Coordinate colors whenever possible, backgrounds, clothing, props


1.Glasses can be tipped forward, shot high, or bounce lights to reduce glare,
2.Narrow lighting (shadow side toward camera) is more slimming
3.Broad lighting and cross lighting is good for allowing subject movement
4.Use Background or Halo light to separate subject from background
5.Dark background will absorb light & light background will reflect light
6.Lights set to side and down will drop shadows out of camera range
7.Light High Key Evenly 2 stops over main on background and set camera for subject
8.Use soft lighting for ( woman & children )and to give skin smooth appearance (low light ratio)
9.Side & hard lighting will bring out texture
10.Use reflectors or fill flash to bring down contrast (set flash 1 stop under ambient exposure)
11.Using bounce flash, add bounce card to throw light under eyes
12.Always get catch lights in those Eyes
13.Watch out for squint factor outside, blink with flash
14.Shoot in open shade in bright sunlight when ever possible (watch out for hot spots)
15.Early morning, early evening, and hazy sun are the most pleasing outside
16.Timing is everything, sometimes patience and waiting is the key to a perfect shot


Watch for that beautiful golden light, and different mood factors
Use a tripod and use those slow speeds in lowlight situations when possible