By Katie Morris

Style: What is it?

Style is quite simply wearing what suits us - and anyone can learn how to dress for maximum dating success. Personal style is not about designer labels, the latest celebrity trend or must-have accessories; it's simply about having the confidence and self awareness to make the very most of what you have, concentrating on only the good bits, to help you arrive on a first date oozing genuine sex appeal.

Style tips for women...

Never use hairspray: it looks naff, smells horrid and your date will get a nasty shock if they try to run their fingers through your hair.

Remember, less is more when it comes to looking sexy; you want to look mysterious, not tarty. This is not the night to try out long red nails or bright red lips; they're both too obvious.

Never try and shop for a new outfit on the day of the date; life never works like that, you won't find your dream outfit - trust me.

Make sure you wear a bra that fits you properly and feel confident showing off a hint of cleavage. It's amazing how many women wear the wrong size and it shows.

If in doubt, think Meg Ryan rather than Madonna - a mysterious feminine look is a definite winner with most red-blooded men.

Style tips for boys...

Leave your comedy clothes in the wardrobe; T-shirts with slogans, ties with cartoon characters, ... just don't go there.

Don't wear a suit if you don't feel comfortable in it. Looking uptight and constantly fiddling with a choking collar is a real turnoff.

Do wear smart separates that look like you have made an effort (yes - you may have to get the iron out here). Trying to look like you haven't bothered is insulting to your date.

Only wear sandals if you have good feet, it's amazing how many women can go off a potential lover when they see a pair of cracked yellow toenails.

Never try and impress your date with inside fashion knowledge if you don't know what you are talking about. She will always know more than you and how to spot a fake.