There are two types of Christmassy Spirits those who love it and those who are bah humbug! Me, well I absolutely love Christmas. I am proud to say that I come under the lets start Christmas shopping category in June Well why not with the dismal weather and people staying in rather than venturing out in the cold, I love Christmas and I make sure everyone knows it!!

This year I dont care if its cold and windy I will still queue up outside the pubs in my open toed disco dollies even if it means catching hypothermia. I will be sparkling and have mistletoe attached to my head, I will be merry (not falling over drunk I want to savour this time yeah right), I will be glittery, I will be allowed to spend all day getting ready and I will dance and jivvy the night away.

Or maybe not. This year will be the year that me, my man and our cat (if I can persuade him to get me one), will curl up in front of a log fire, red wine, cashew nuts and choccies (diet is not mentioned for 2 weeks), my parents and friends over for mulled wine, the smell of pine in our lounge and my sisters delightful children quietly playing with their new toys (okay maybe that was too far fetched) and Christmas will be a lovely family joyous occasion.

OKAY I AM ALLOWED TO FANTASISE. Christmas is about fantasising so maybe, more realistically, my Christmas will be me wrapping the pressies (10 times over I am a perfectionist), saying to my fiancé darling does the bauble look better on this branch or that one, shall I put red tinsel or gold, and him saying this is the 8th time you have asked me, I am watching footie or more realisticallyyeah fine whatever!!

One thing for sure is that I am going to make sure I look great. This is a time when my mother and I borrow my nieces glitter and we all parade around looking very sparkly. Even if I dont see anyone I dont care. I do it for me, like you should for you. The rest of the year I am pretty much a jeans and no make up person (I have to give my skin some rest from testing everything!), so this is the best time for me to put on my face what I preach! And it makes me feel fab!

So for all us united festive spirits who want to make an effort this Christmas - just remember some simple rules about Christmas make up. THERE ARE NO RULES DO AS YOU WISH BE A FAIRY, BE A SNOWFLAKE ITS YOUR FANTASY AND ITS CHRISTMAS!

For those bah humbugs that want some rules well try these tips:

For a glam and sexy effect, you cant beat the smoky eye look. Apply mid grey/plum/taupe eyeshadow on your lid and blend up and out. On your eye contour towards the outer edge apply a darker grey/granite and blend well. Then apply with a brush under your lid (shadow blends better than eyeliner). Blend a lighter highlighting shade under the brow bone. Sweep black liquid liner on your top lid as close to your lashline as you can. Flick slightly up towards the outer edge. Groom your brows with the same colour brow pencil, or slick on some Vaseline. Finish by curling lashes and adding lots of black mascara. This look needs a lighter lipstick otherwise it will be too much.

Shimmer and glitter. Firstly you need a good shimmering pearl highlighter. Remember that with highlighters, shimmers and glitters, less is more, so only use on or two of the following at any one time.

1. Firstly you want to check where the light hits your face. This is the best place to apply your glitter or shimmer so as to catch the light. Remember to apply very little at first then build up, always checking yourself in the light too much and you will look sweaty rather than high class sheen!
2. Mix your usual foundation with a small amount of shimmering pearl lotion and use that as your base.
3. Apply blusher then with your shimmer apply it to highlight your cheekbones
4. Apply under your browbone
5. Use your highlighter is on your shins to elongate your legs if you are wearing a dress
6. On your décolletage.
7. On the centre of your lips to give you full lips.
8. Mix with your usual body lotion to make sure you glisten.
9. Try wearing a glitter nailvarnish.
10. Apply glitter to the outer corner of your eyes. (Use one specifically for your eyes).
11. Glitter on top of your usual lipstick gives it a festive edge!