Every person knows a feeling to brake up with your love partner. Moreover, if a relationship was long and you were in love, after brake up of course you will feel bad and upset. Now everything will be different, no one will wait you at home; no one will tell you sweet words. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter who decided to brake up – you or your partner – you suffer the same. However, that is not the end of the world. There are many different ways to survive this part of life, and some different methods work for different people.
Some friends might tell you to find someone else for short time dating, or just one night affair with first person you met in a pub. But usually that doesn’t help. You will not feel better if you sleep with the first met. Or if you feel that might help you – it will be just for one night. After everything, all feelings and memories will come back.

First of all what you need to do is to understand that your relationship is over now. When you sincerely realize that, you will feel relief. Then try to share your feelings with your close friends –saying what’s on your heart to someone always helps. Though some people do not think so, usually those who are very reserved, and don’t like to share personal feelings with others. If you keep everything inside it might be just worse. You will think about the past all the time, about things you’ve done wrong – but you need to understand one thing - you can’t change the past – you can change just your future, and it’s up to you how it will look like.

Brake up is not the end of your life. People say that very good thing to do is to go and do some activities you always wanted to do – if you ever dreamed to learn to dance – go and do it. Now is the best time for changes and new experiences. Moreover, you have a chance to meet someone else, but better not to search purposely. New love will always come when you will be unprepared and when you won’t expect that happening.

For women after brake up a good therapy is big shopping! You will not only be tired after it, but also happy and fresh – ready for new life. Thoughts about the past will not bother you, because you will have plenty of new things to think about. Go to party with friends, enjoy your time, chat with people, and meet old friends whom you haven’t seen for a long time. Just spend a lot of time with people you like and try not to think about your ex love.

Moreover you can start go to gym or do some sport. You will get double effect – have a good activity and after all will look better and healthier. Besides you also have a good chance to meet new people in sport club or gym, maybe even new love. The main thing is try to stay at home as less as it is possible.

New experiences, new activities always help not only to women, but men as well. People say that after brake up it is very good to take some vacation and go to travel somewhere you always wanted to go. Visit any exotic country where is hot weather, sun and beach. Make your dreams come true. Maybe you were not able to travel because of your partner’s job; you didn’t like the idea of traveling alone, so now it’s the best time for that. You don’t need to ask permeation from no one.

It might be hard, but if you want to forget – you will do everything and that will happen, if you don’t want to forget – you will suffer much longer. Choose the way that is the best to you.

By : Ms. R.