Probably you can remember the last time you were drawing some trivial illustrations on your notebook when you were bored at work or waiting someone in a coffee-bar.

Psychologists claim that these drawings can properly reflect your personality features or your present emotions. We will give some explanations what these drawings mean.

These small drawings, at a first site might look meaningless, but actually they can tell what’s happening in the „artists“ soul. They will tell about present state of a person, about his worries and even hopes. Before throwing it away – look at it, see what kind of shapes you drew; they can help you to understand yourself.

It is important even how these drawings are laid out on a peace of paper. If drawings are in the center – you are optimistic today. On the right hand side of paper – you are opened for novelties; on the left hand side – probably you are reserved now.

Flowers, small sun

It might seem strange, but drawings which reflect happiness of life (small flowers and sun) say that your mood is far away from joyful. You feel lack of attention, friendship or love now. You are sentimental, and you can be easily affected by melancholy. You should always remember that if you want to be loved you need to love first. Try to show sincere and honest attention to close people of yours – they will give you the same.

Spirals, carts

You are not used to ask for help from others. People around you consider you being very helpful in any kind of problem. But you don’t need other people charge – it seems that now you are running in a closed circle. You should stop solving other people problems and pay more attention to your own. Your reputation will not change from that.


Before doing any task you think about actions need to be made. When you set up a goal you step by step go forward according to the plan. But if something starts to stick you start feel confused. It seems that now it is like that. You feel lack of flexibility, fast orientation. You should try to see the world less complicated and some problems will disappear itself.

Little houses

Carefully look at the house you just draw. If it is accurate and symmetric, you feel harmonic. If there are many little roads around your house that means you are looking for friends or you try to find a way out from some kind of situation. If it seems that your house will fall down, the roof is not nice, plus doors and windows are missing – you should tart worry about relationship in your family.

Hearts, lips

You feel calm and peaceful; you are surrounded by nice and attractive people. And it looks like one of them is very important to you. But you feel afraid to say “I love you” words loudly. You should not be afraid to say what you feel and express you emotions.

Squares, nets

It happens that you do not cut off someone on time, because the right answer comes to your head too late. A drawing with black and white squares shows that you keep this disappointment inside. It is time to say what you think and feel. If your drawing reminds honeycomb with not coloured squares it means that now is the right time first of all pay attention to your family.

Swords, arrows

If acute end is pointing to the top – you achieved the top of your works and you will fight till the victorious final. If sword is pointing to the bottom, that shows you don’t feel absolutely right. Don’t argue better, before you make sure about your position you are arguing for.

Faces, bodies

You feel week. You have a problem of choose, but you can’t decide yourself and subconsciously you try to coordinate your actions with other people. Try to be stronger, don‘t let others to control you and think more about your personal advantages.

Crosses, zeros

It seems that you feel guilty and worry about that inside, can’t live peacefully. Try to understand the situation. Maybe you really feel uncomfortable because of your negative behave. Try as soon as possible to solve this problem. But it can be that close people to you are manipulating with you, because of their personal benefit. You should stop this happening.