We truly hope that you have already noticed our latest feature – forum. You, our dear visitor, have been waiting this for a long time and with growing community more and more requests came in. Jurgita.com forum invites members and guests into never ending discussions, action and most important it is fun for all of us to meet and chat there.

In the very near future our forum will have voting system for best posts. Members participating in forum will be able to vote for each others posts. Have in mind that the best post of the month will be awarded! That is right; author of the most liked post will receive a silver, golden or VIP membership status for a whole month. But that is not all! If you were not chosen as the author of the best post, but tried hard to do that by being active and posting regularly - you will also win. We will count posts monthly and the top poster will be awarded too. If you want to know more about membership availabilities follow this link.

jurgita forumWhat membership level will I get? The level depends on what you already had. If you had bronze or silver membership, you will get silver level for one month. For example if you have bought silver membership for 5 months, than after winning forum promotion your membership will expand for 6 months. Gold and VIP members will get gold and VIP membership for one additional month respectively.

Each post in forum gets one activity point. Activity points are converted into credits, so may earn credits only by posting in forum and not winning any of the awards mentioned above. We do not tolerate spammers so only the posts that are over 50 symbols will get activity points and will be counted for award winning.

So keep on the role and see you in the forum!

Don’t forget that posts must follow the topic and cannot be abusive or anyhow offensive. Forum moderators leave the right to remove the posts that seems inappropriate without any additional warning.