Polaroid photos is a special type of photos that are used in modeling business. Polaroids are usually needed for agencies or scouts to see the natural look of the model.

Snapshot Photo Guidelines:

1) Use a Polaroid camera or digital camera. If polaroids, you'll have to have them scanned.
2) No posing, just look natural and relaxed.
3) Females should wear no makeup.
4) Pictures should be taken in form fitting 2-piece swimsuits

The 10 Photos You Will Need to Take (Note: hair up or down refers to females only; male and females should keep shoulders up in all photos taken):
Shot #1: straight on, no smile, hair up
Shot #2: straight on, no smile, hair down
Shot #3: straight on, smiling
Shot #4: right profile, hair up
Shot #5: left profile, hair down
Shot #6: full length; straight on, no smile
Shot #7: full length; left profile, hair up
Shot #8: full length; taken from rear side, hair up
Shot #9: upper body; straight on, hair up
Shot #10: upper body; straight on, hair down

NOTE: All the main poses of polaroids are explained with sample photos in our help article "Photo types in Jurgita.com"