People spend half of their lives sleeping, and the most part of the time you sleep with someone. Have you ever wondered if the way you sleep with your other half reflects on your relationships? Some of the scientists do think that the sleeping positions of couples mean something. It can show that your relationship is getting colder or more passionate than ever.

Nevertheless, if you and your partner do not always sleep in the most intimate way, it does not mean that your relations are in trouble, perhaps its only one of the phases of it.

Let us look into some of the couple sleeping positions, and overview what they might mean:

“Sailing away”
If your partner is sleeping in the furthest corner of your bed, or head to foot, this might be a sign that your relationship with him/her are not going too well. This might be a subconscious way of showing that you a re drifting away. However, don’t be worried same instant, search for other signs of the relationship problems in the everyday life. If there some signs, try consulting a couple counselor about this.

“The Hug”
If you sleep with your partner face to face in a deep hug, congratulations on your marriage! This position is the most popular with the couples who have just met, or have just got married. Why is that? This position represents you unconscious strive to fuse with your partner, to be as close to him/her as possible, but to be honest with you it is really not comfortable.

“The Spoon”
This is the position when you are lying on the side and the partner is lying behind you with one arm around you. This is a very close position, it gives security. It is also erotic - genitals against buttocks. This position is the most popular between couples who are already familiar for a quite a bit, but still are deeply in love. It shows that you care about your partner, and when you turn in your sleep your second half will turn as well forming the same sleeping position, just from the other side.

“Loosely tight”
This position I similar one to “spoon”, but the difference is that you keep some distance between you and you partner. Nevertheless, there is always a contact between you: a knee, a hand, a foot etc. This position is the most common between the couples who have been together for a while, like 5-6 years. They feel confident enough to sacrifice the closeness to comfortable night sleep.

Every couple has its own sleeping habits; these are only some simplest ones. About 20% of the couples even sleep in different beds, but his does not mean that their relationships are in trouble. If you are worried about your relationships, consult the couple counselor and only then make any conclusions. Don’t forget that people in sleep act subconsciously and most of the time that just means nothing. The most important thing is to communicate with your partner about what does not satisfies you and than everything is going to alright.