Love will be very important this year for you. You will need to determine for serious life changes. New love is going to appear on your way, you will feel again as a child who fell in love. You will be popular, desired, and you will be crowded by new liking people. Love relationships are very important to you, so near autumn it will look like you found a perfect match for you. You have been dreaming about this for so long. Now you can enjoy and love, so don‘t forget to show your love to others too.
Advise: this year you will have special powers so just pick the person you like the most and your wish to attract this person will come true. Don‘t miss opportunities to go out and have fun, meet new people. Be careful of cheating and love intrigues.


Year 2007 will be more active physically. You will feel bigger sex need and surprise you lover in bed. Your attractiveness will be noticed by opposite sex a lot. You will feel comfortable and safe after positive response from people around you. In the beginning of the year a new idealistic partner who knows how to enjoy pleasure of sense will appear in your life and values of both of you will match. Probably that’s going to be your love discovery and new pleasure of this year. In the end of the year you will start to believe that you found a perfect love partner. You will start to consider about stability. You will enjoy finding new things about each other more and more, and new discoveries will strengthen your relationship. You will finally understand that not only sex is important while having relationship but emotional bonds as well. You will need to break old limitations. You and your love partner will feel like in heaven in 2007.
Advice: exactly define your goals, needs and your sexual wishes will come true. Be careful to frighten your new partner with too big passion.


In 2007 you will attract love and influential friends to your side. You will desire to be near people who are as opened with their feelings to the world as you are. During first three months of the year you will meet a person whom you will be able to share everything. It would be hard to find better time for such relationship so don‘t doubt and don‘t wait till new possibility will retreat or will take actions – this year you are an initiator. Emotional harmony which you will feel in this new relationship will be inspiring as sharing your dreams and plans. In the end of the year you will seek for harmony and naturally you will desire more obligations. You will reveal your creativity in bed and commit to things you like the most.
Advice: don‘t give up chances and deepen your relationships with close people. Be careful of sinking in idyll of your new relationship, better seek for mutual harmony.


This year in a close relationship you will feel an emotional fullness. Your passionate nature requires intimate relation. You see others as a mirror that’s why you are attracted by people who reflect your deeper “me”. You like communication between two people grounded mutual commitments and feelings. Relationship and love – very serious for you, and your feeling of affection will become stronger after you fall in love. You are going to find new ways to strengthen your relationship, and you will be more creative. That will be very useful in the end of the year. Love, joy and happiness that you are feeling now are a consequence of excellent communication skills. You feel young deep inside. Maybe you are going to refresh your home, take care of them and make them cozier. A person who you will attract is going to be very tender from nature; this person will take a good care of your needs and is going to appreciate you. Single people are going to have a great time because love is smiling to you. In the end of the year you will desire more commitments to feel safer and happier.


This year you will understand how much is important tenderness and diplomacy in a relationship because you want to feel closer with your partner. You will really want to change your love life to be understood with your inner needs. You feel harmony when you can behave as you want to. You are attractive and opposite sex like you. Your laugh and playfulness won’t let others to get bored. You dream about perfect partner but sometimes you want to be independent of your love partner. This year you are going to understand that you don’t like your previous behave and it doesn’t match you anymore. Analyzing yourself from the beginning you will you will move forward, communicate more positive. To keep healthy body and soul this year you will need to set up a limit between you and your partner. More harmony you feel – happier you will be. Your relationship will put you back to reality in its best way. It is very important not only to get but to give also when you love. Get ready for a year of love and happiness.


This year your love for harmony, beauty and equilibrium will let your personal relationship to grow up. Relationship will reach upper level. You will feel emotional connection with your lover. Your relationship and love will not go out because of weekend trips where you will relax and think less of serious things. A desire of safety might appear as safe and cozy home environment. This year you will be able to know better not only yourself but your partner as well. You will strengthen you relationship with good humor sense. You like to love and give your love to others. You will learn not to be afraid of your desires, find new feeling of safety and comfort through intimacy. Your loves to beauty will strengthen your relationship. You are proud, feel your value but also you are very careful and sympathetic.


You desire to express your feelings in a relationship. This year you are going to look for new inspiration ways. Your visions and creative perspicacity’s will turn a passion on, which you want to share with lover. You need a tender, sympathetic, attractive person who knows a nostalgia feeling as well. Before you decide to give loyalty and kindness to other person you have to be sure that your values will be accepted and appreciated. The most important thing for you is love relationship with emotional attraction. You never calm down till you make sure you give the same as you get. Your partner needs to understand that your emotional world is much more important then outward achievements. Even in a partnership you search for safety feeling and requirement satisfaction. It is important to spoil yourself a bit and share this skill with others. This you are definitely ready for a close relationship – it will start in spring or beginning of the summer. You need to feel yourself as a part of everything. You will meet a person who will like you a lot with no limits. Enjoy this feeling.


You are very passionate so this year you will get your love and passion back to your life. Social life seems to be very optimistic with new possibilities if you try to meet new people. Your independent nature and desire to express yourself this year will give you a chance to find new interests that you will be able to share with your lover. In close relationship you are very intuitive, tender – you see very well what kind of motives people have. This year you might feel insecure but just let yourself to enjoy intensive love relation. It is very good time to be with yourself, spoil yourself. Love life this year will be very important to you: you will understand how much it’s important to share moments of passion with your partner. It would be very good if your career would not put love relation to the second plan. The more free time moments you will be with your love partner the better it will be. You feel balance and harmony when you have a person next to you whom you can trust and share your biggest passion moments.


This year you will feel deep emotion relation with your partner and you will find new wonderful communication ways. You will understand how to express your needs; you’ll feel that you are being supported. It seems that haze is gone from your relationship – you’ll feel that you are giving and getting each other love and passion. You will find more joy in a partnership. You have a strong individuality feeling and you need to have an emotionally stable partner. It is important that you would learn to valuate your emotional needs separately from partner. This year you might be very popular, communicative, and at the same time you will enjoy harmony of intimacy in your relationship. You were working hard to build your financial comfort which you have now and which you enjoy so much. You want to be with those who appreciate your effort. You are passionate and you will feel a strong love this year.


This year you will look for sensual pleasures. Your partnership will give you a lot of comfort moments. You passion for a luxury will be strengthen by a new love relation which will bring artistic spark to your life. This special person will shake you powerful, passionate, ambitious side of you. You will be noticed as very attractive one and you won’t complain about lack of attention. You will also impress other with your communication skills. You like variety and this new relationship will give a good opportunity to feel pleasure of discoveries. This year you want to take care of others more, this feeling will let you better understand your own needs. You will enjoy expressing yourself and you will find a new meaning of your life. You are going to shine from inside and love will bring you joy. You will not have such thing as daily routine of relationship.


You like to go into public and you need to be appreciated to feel better. You might surprise other people because they are not used to see such artistic feelings demonstration. You need to be surrounded by people who like you expressing yourself and being playful. Just being yourself you feel the best. This year you need clearly express your needs if you want people to understand them. You are very loyal in a partnership and you expect the same from your lover. This year you are going to enjoy your love life and you will understand that you can’t live without that special person who is giving you so much joy and is a real prodigy. Maybe you are a dreamer and like to romantic feelings but now your dreams might reflect the reality which will appear this year. You like to travel a lot – it might happen that you will travel a lot this year. In the autumn time you will appreciate harmony of a relationship and understand that it’s good to be alone, but it’s better together with someone. You really appreciate peace, kindness and cozy home atmosphere. You feel a need to share your life philosophy with someone who understands your needs and purposes. This year you will meet a soul friend.


This year you will care about your home a lot. You will feel a special close with your relatives. You are very squeamish when you choose friends – you have many beautiful friendships and you feel secure about them. You love people and that‘s the thing opposite sex appreciate in you. You are idealist who can sacrifice. People adore you and can‘t believe your kindness especially if you are a friend of them. Your relation with partner will be warming up in late evenings watching romantic movies. You will be happy if you won‘t forget your principles – so find a person who will understand them. This year you will need balance and peace. You don‘t like emotional risk. Learn to fight your fear and start to believe that you will find a perfect partner. In spring you will be ready for a new relation. You will feel a lot of positive changes that will make a huge influence to your future life.