Excess weight negatively affects all organs, as well as all of them are strained. Your spine suffers the most. Some serious changes occur making your spine to change its form and the spaces between your spinal vertebrae increases. This is very bad to your health and might cause huge health problems in the future.
All of our organs are controlled by nerve impulses originating in the nerve fibers, which leads from the brain to the peripheral organs. The path lies in the vertebral column. And if there has been a change, the destruction or moving of vertebral disks, it results in the violations of the normal regulation of the internal organs.

For example, if the affected area is vertebrae of the neck, the effect will go on the thyroid gland, which regulates the internal glands secreting. The result is a disruption of fat, water and salt balance.

The United States diet specialists say that aromatic foods can help to lose weight. They state that if you smell some products half an hour before eating, it can result in loosing about 2 kilograms a month. What is the basis of their belief?

Scientists have long been familiar with the effect of various odors on the human body. Certain odors can heal, others may plunge you right into the state of chronic depression. Now this is not of surprise anymore. Interestingly, aromas of apple, banana, mint and vanilla are reducing the production of gastric juice, therefore reducing your appetite. So if you would smell them before eating your might feel like eating less, or nothing at all. What’s even better you won’t have to take drugs to reduce your appetite.

It is believed that people who love spicy food are fatter and suffers from overweight more often. Why is this opinion true?

The fact is that all spices increase your appetite. Additionally, various sauces are prepared with the addition of cream, flour and other calorie rich ingredients. This means that people consume more food over one time, therefore collecting excess fat in their bodies. If you cannot abstain from spicy foods try eating a banana or a bar of chocolate before you eat, this will help you to control the size of the portion you will eat.

American scientists from North Carolina decided to find the difference in the eating habits between men and women. This, in their opinion, could help in the fight against overweight. To be honest you can find fit people mostly in Hollywood movies, and in reality, the vast majority of Americans are rather fat.

In the closer observation of a problem, doctors faced amazing facts. Among women, chubby women were with unstable nervous systems, acting nervously in every situation with no reason. Single women also often suffer from obesity. The consuming of food occurs at home, when no one else sees them. Hence morality, if you want to not gain weight, be with people all the time, and when nervous, try eating something light, preferably some vegetables.

As for the men, they love to show as they eat, and they love to demonstrate it. Men eat a lot in bars, restaurants, night. Not because they have nothing to eat at home, but just the fact that somebody sees them eating increases their appetite. Apparently, they think it makes them more masculine.