Probably everyone heard such term as „dress code“. When you get an invitation to a big party with important people usually there is mentioned a dress code on the invitation, such as “white tie”, “black tie”, “creative black tie”. So what do these names tell us about requirements for clothing?

White tie

“White tie” dress code or in other words “Ultra formal” invitation requires women wear long (floor length) gowns. Men need to wear black tailcoat which matches with trousers (with a single stripe of satin or braid in US; in Europe or UK – with two stripes). Men also need to wear white pique wing-collared shirt, white vest, bow tie, white or gray gloves, black socks and black patent shoes.

Black tie

“Black tie” in other words means formal clothing. Men need to wear black tuxedo, formal (pleated front) white shirt, black bow tie, black socks and shoes, no gloves. Women have to wear formal long evening dress, short cocktail dress or dressy evening separates.

Black tie optional

A “black tie optional” gives two options for men – wearing a tuxedo (as “black tie”) or dark suit, white shirt and conservative tie. A “black tie optional” means that clothing have to be formal. Women can choose between long evening gown, cocktail dress or dressy evening separate.

Creative black tie

“Creative black tie” gives room for interpretations of formal wear. Man can wear more modern clothes with tuxedo – trendy items, such as a black shirt or a matching colored or patterned bow tie and cummerbund. This matches with dressy black leather shoes and black socks. Woman can choose from formal evening gown or short cocktail dress and any of these two can be accessorized with a feather boa, colorful shawl or colorful jewelry. Sometimes, theme parties set “Texas Black Tie” dress code or any other variation of Creative Black Tie. Then a man can wear a tuxedo with boots, and woman can choose a long dress paired with Southwestern style jewelry and belt.


Semiformal dress code or in other words “After Five” tells you that it’s not required tuxedos or long evening dresses. Men can wear dark business suit, matching vest, white shirt, and tie. Ladies can choose from short afternoon dress or long dressy skirt and nice top.

Business formal

Business formal is the same as semiformal for men, but some differences are for women. They should wear more tailored dressy suit or not very sexy or slinky dresses.

Festival attire

Festival attire is mainly holiday’s time parties with informal or semiformal mood. Women need to wear short cocktail dress or long dressy skirt with top or even dressy pants outfit. Women can have some sparkle look on clothes. Men should wear seasonal sport coat or blazer any color you like, open-collar shirt and holiday-themed tie.

Dressy casual

Dressy casual is dressed-up type of casual looks. Men could wear trousers with open-collar shirt, and sport coat. For women dressy pants look is required. Street length dress, skirt and dressy top or dressy pants outfit.

Business casual

Business casual for men tells to wear seasonal sport coat or blazer with slacks or khakis and matching shirt. Women need to avoid spaghetti straps and décolleté. Its good to wear skirt, khakis or slacks with shirt, knit shirt or sweater.

Sport casual

Sport casual is a casual and sport lookmatch. Men and women have same requirements - khakis or clean pressed jeans with plain tree shirt, polo shirt or casual button-down shirt.

Beach casual

Beach casual give you a right to choose between khakis or shorts, knit or polo, sport jacket or sweater for men, and for women – sundress, khakis or shorts, knit or polo shirt and lightweight jacket or sweater.