Celebrities are always in the spotlight and always on the sight of cameras, but do they really care what they look like? People often take celebrities’ style as unquestionable instance of trend.

But if you think that every famous person have his own or her own stylists and appearance advisers to make one look fabulous, you probably hadn’t heard of bad taste tops.
While some of actors, models and musicians compete in good looks and style, others seem to try to outrun each other in bad taste. Paris Hilton and Britney Spears are officially voted for queens of the year 2006 bad style. These girls ignore fashion critics and keep showing up in publicity with too tight see-through dresses. As they are close friends they had learned all the terrible outfits from each other. However, they both stayed in their own ways – Paris forgets to put on something except for underwear and nightdress, while Britney forgets to put on pants or whole underwear. If you copy this clothing, you may feel sexy; however you can’t call it great style.

If you doubt that a woman can look awful without underwear, remember Drew Barrymore at 2006 Golden Globe Awards. Drew wore amazing green dress which couldn’t conceal that she left her undergarment at home. She was at the center of attention that night, but from the negative aspect mainly. Is it that difficult to get a bra? A dress made by famous designer can’t hide a bad taste; however put your underwear on to start with.

Other two persons who are critiqued all the time have not much in common except for their passion to wear robes. Those two are Camilla Parker-Bowles and Lindsay Lohan, both can have any gown, but the way they look says they have the worst ones only. Watch out for variegated feathers and shapeless coats! They will make you look like certain member of the Royal Family, but actually the style-free member. Camilla is great example, that money can’t get everything. Have you ever dreamed of being prince’s wife, so you could afford anything? Forget it, poor Camilla can’t even get her hair done.

Some celebrities probably hate clothes. Mariah Carey usually tries to avoid anything that could hide her body. Being 36 years old can’t stop her from wearing two sizes too tight tops or way too short mini dresses. All the lines and curves of her body have been shown so many times, that Mariah found new way to demonstrate her bad taste with glossy gown at Golden Globe Awards. Seriously, her style is not the one to follow.

However Christina Aguilera and Paula Abdul would not agree with this. Paula’s outfit can be called “the more I bling the more precious I am”. She has a problem to decide what accessories to wear, so puts on everything she can find: starting at colorful beads and string of pearls, finishing with giant crystals decorated brooch in her hair. Spangles and jewelry all over your body can make you feel like a star; however it’s not a good idea for party or luxurious dinner. Christina Aguilera clearly doesn’t follow this rule and wears the same clothing as on her most tasteless videos. Remember her glaring make-up and old-fashioned platinum curls and remember not to imitate her.

Even models that seem to be in the vortex of fashion all the time make mistakes in their looks. Glamour model Jodie Marsh demonstrated everything she could last year with help of tight stays, low-necked tunics and 3 inches long belts used for skirt. This clothing helps her and her friend Jordan to be haunted by photographers, but who of us would like see our pictures on humor pages? This couple could at least remember that corsets are not fashionable anymore.

However, you can dress up like Britney&Paris or even wear leather jacket from Michael Jackson’s wardrobe for Halloween party, but better don’t follow celebrities’ outfit blindfold everyday. Remember, if it’s on the spotlight, it’s not necessarily stylish.

By Vylune