She’s been called anorexic; her talent for music has been criticized, but no one can deny Victoria’s Beckham charm, style and gorgeous look. Who else could switch one’s roles from pop singer to “Full-time mum” and from mother to fashion icon?
Victoria is a lady no matter where she goes or what she does. Let’s look over her career.

She was born in 1974 in Hertfordshire, UK, her family was large. Victoria wasn’t popular at school; however she used to work as a model and also became a trained dancer at the same time. In 1994 she responded to advertisement which offered 18-23 years girls to form a pop group. That’s how the “Spice Girls” fever started. All five group members had nicknames and Victoria used to be known as “Posh spice” for her luxurious style.

She married footballer David Beckham in 1999 after dating him for two years and gave birth to three sons (in 1999, 2002 and 2005). After the “Spice Girls” split up in year 2000, Victoria started a solo career and she was pretty popular, especially in the UK. Now she claims her real passion is vogue, and if you look at any of her pictures, you can clearly see that she knows what the last word of fashion is. Although pop singers usually are dressed up kitschy, Victoria had received many compliments about her look.

Victoria has written a book about her life, an autobiography named “Learning to Fly”. She told the story about her career and marriage; she opened out details on “Spice Girls” behind the scenes, her boyfriends and of course her standpoint on fashion. The book was released in 2001 and became 3rd in non-fiction title top that year.

She always had a gifted elegancy which became apparent on her records covers. She appeared on her album “VB” cover wearing sensual and sexual little black dress. The picture showed perfect figure, but rumormongers went on her skinny look. Mass media people couldn’t believe that someone can be mother of a large family and have slim built at the same time. Despite being attacked by critics, she became #1 at the UK top “Yummy mummy” in 2006 (also #4 in 2005).

While men love her for her dislike to wear a bra, she’s a fashion icon for women. She’s forgiven for not wearing undies as long as she knows what to dress up for outdoor, how to combine things and how to act in glamorous outfits. Victoria definitely knows what fits for various occasions. She arrived to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes wedding in strapless black dress adorned with decorative ribbon and matching hat. This outfit was complimented by fashion designer Armani, who found Victoria’s style provocative and sexy.

If you doubt that she is the queen on the red carpet, remember red classy dress she wore at The Costume Institute Party of the Year 2006. Photographers tried to catch every motion of layered chiffon and every step of precious high-heels! The dress created by Roland Mouret accentuated Victoria’s feminine figure. She looks simple and tasteful in white top and puckered skirt in Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week;

She also looks stylish in close-fitting trousers and silk chemise while shopping. The secret of Victoria’s style is that no matter if she’s in corset gown or snowsuit, if she’s wearing mini skirt or baggy sweater and a pair of jeans, you can clearly see that she’s a woman. Every clothe she wears demonstrates her sandglass shaped figure and matches other garments.

Victoria not only knows how to choose what to wear, she knows how to design clothes. She worked with American jeans and high-end fashion brand “Rock and Republic” since 2004 to 2006. Her jeans for women line called “VB Rocks” was successful and was followed by various other clothing as skirts and shirts. After leaving “Rock and Republic” Victoria decided to start her own brand “DVB Style”. Collaborating with her husband David showed great results: they release a line of massive sunglasses that became a top of last summer; after this success, a new eyewear collection is already available.

While denim line is about to come out, couple launched a fragrance for “him and her” named “Intimately Beckham”. Victoria also cooperated with Japanese designers to create handbags line “Samantha Thavasa for VB” and promised her help to design jewellery collection.

Last year Victoria Beckham decided to share her ideas about style and good look and release her second book titled “That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything In Between”. She implies that being fashionable is not about expensive clothing, it’s about how clothes in an outfit match each other. This concept may sound clever and simple, but Victoria give advices on good look in her thinking.Being one of most photographed women for more that ten years, Victoria sure knows what suits for various occasions.

Victoria Beckham doesn’t flounder in a spotlight. She never has been caught outdoor in sweatsuit nor pyjamas. Being mannered and elegant makes Victoria fashion icon of these days.