By: Francoise Rapp, Aromatherapist and Alchemist

You don't need to travel to far off regions to indulge in exotic beauty rituals. Learn how easy it is to create an enchanting ambiance right at home or at your spa with the following aromatic treatment. This unique body treatment, made of a natural Middle Eastern clay, smoothes and deeply cleanses the skin.

What You Will Need:

1 package of Rhassoul*
1 C. Fine Sea Salt
1 TBSP. Liquid Honey
3/4 to 1/2 Cup of Distilled Water
Enchanting Aromatic Blend

5 drops Lemongrass
4 drops Rosewood
4 drops Ylang Ylang

* Rhassoul is a clay mined from beneath the shafts of the Atlas Mountains. It has detoxifying, cleansing, degreasing, and astringent properties. You can find it in most natural food stores or replace it with regular green clay, also found at natural food stores.

To Prepare Your Clay:

Mix the distilled water and honey together. Warm the honey in the microwave first if it is too stiff. Add the essential oils, and then add the clay and sea salt. Stir well until you create a nice and loose paste.

Routine For Your Massage Room:

Prepare four bath towels by dampening them and placing them into a crockpot set to low heat.Cover your massage table with two of the warmed blankets. Place a plastic sheet on top on which your client can lay down. Suggest that your client wear either a two-piece bathing suit or have a disposable bikini for the treatment.

Spread the paste evenly all over the front and back of the body. Have your client lie face up and wrap her or him with the plastic sheet and blankets. Leave the upper chest opened to allow your client to breathe more easily and feel more comfortable. The body wrap should last 30 minutes, during which you can massage the scalp and face with accupressure points.

Open the blankets and sheet and use the warmed towels to remove the paste. Please test the temperature of the towel on yourself using your client.