Some people say: "Happiness is not about money" Others reply: "It is not about money, but its quantity." It’s hard and quite awkward to talk about your financial status. Nevertheless, that wretched called gold metal is worthy of our attention. And that’s why:

You can’t buy health: it’s an obvious fact. However, after giving it a good revision, the fact becomes not as undeniable as it may have seemed. Who’s healthy? You have to eat healthy food (even the minuscule Aspirin pill costs money, not mentioning your everyday fruits and all the supplements you must buy to stay healthy), exercise (the cost of monthly subscription to a fitness-club, all the sportswear and training gear for home exercising is substantial), and attend regular costly prophylactic medical inspections. It’s as simple as it sounds, after all – you not only can, but you HAVE TO buy health.

The next in the line: you can’t buy love. An old joke comes to my mind when I think of it: a woman talks to her friend: “I’m not stuck on wealthy men, it’s just that I love good natured, cheerful ones, and those poor guys are always unhappy and uptight….” Mother Nature gave women intuition for the simple reason to find the best possible father for her children, and a wealthy husband is able to provide you and your child will all the necessary things you might require. I don’t think I have to mention the dating period when you first meet your partner. Some might believe in true love in poverty, but only those who strive to climb out of it find happiness after they succeed.

Of course, money is not everything. This is a basic tool for achieving the goals. This is what gives us the opportunity to eat tasty food and sleep calmly. What helps to give your mom and people you love different stupid gadgets. It is the mean to make yours and maybe someone else life a bit better. The high salary is needed not only for extravagant stuff (I do not speak of the collectors green paper by elder American pensioners, it is a kind of pathology), but simply to lead a normal life.

Of course, in the world there are other individuals, who were born with a golden spoon in their mouths. There are kids from wealthy families - the golden youth. Those who have never had a pressing need for money, receiving all the benefits on a golden plate. Those who received credit cards instead of kisses and birthday gifts. Such people sincerely believe that all in the world can be bought. They have no doubt that the design clothing itself means good taste, and expensive food is not likely to be harmful. They are confident that the parent money has effectively shielded them from the terrible need to work. Moreover, strangely enough, we, simple mortals, often envy them.

However, the money may interfere with the normal life, or even destroy it. Quite often friendship is broken because of the money. Fear for the late debt refund could be one of the reasons. Today, the problem can be solved easily and smoothly, just get the bank loan and your friendship will not be affected. Financial conflicts are one of the most frequent reasons for the dissolution of the marriage. You have to find a compromise between partners.

It is not easy for those families, in which in contrast to the traditional model of the family, major contributor to the family budget is the wife and not the husband as well. In this case, don’t be too proud with your earnings and don’t make your spouse uncomfortable with it, because men take it quite seriously. Do not make a race “who is making more money” it is not worth it. Try to keep the distance between work and home relations as distant as possible.

Judging from the fact that you read this article, your financial situation is all right: you have internet and you can let yourself to read your favorite online magazine. Have you ever considered helping someone who is less fortune than you are? Go through your clothes and bring the ones you don’t need to a shelter, give some of your books to the library, donate some money for an orphanage. You really can make a difference and make someone a little bit happier… and to become a little bit richer yourself.