On 16th of August 1958, the world was given a brand new star. Not the one, that shines up upon the sky, but the one who will brighten and warm the hearts and souls of the millions in the future. Madonna Louise Ciccone was born. Who would have guessed that this little angel-like girl would become the most famous woman in the world?

Her childhood and youth wasn’t as easy as you might think. Her mother died when she was five. Her father forced her to take music lessons, but after some time she convinced him to let her take ballet lessons. This paid off; she got a dancing scholarship to the University of Michigan. She did not finish it though. She left for New York to pursue her dream of becoming a dancer. In New York, Madonna danced in several modern dance troupes, sang and played in a couple of bands.

The start of her career as the most famous female artist alive has begun in 1983 when a record company Sire Records released a couple of singles by Madonna. Starting then, her career and popularity skyrocketed to the very top.

Her album “Like a Virgin” crowned a USA album tops and the single with the same name was number one on Billboard charts for 6 weeks. Teenagers mimicked Madonna dressing style because it was provocative and a bit vulgar. It was just what the youth of the 80s wanted. Album “Erotic” established her as a world sex symbol. This album was not less than pornographic. Only a couple of songs in the album were not about sex. The main single of the album was shown on MTV just for a few times, because of its open sexual scenes. She was the most explicit and controversial female artist of the time.

After her “sex” period, Madonna calmed down a bit. Her next album “Bedtime stories” was of the different nature. It was inspired by the Rhythm’n’Blues artists. Mostly consisting of the ballads this album yet again topped European, Australian and USA charts.

Her 1998 album “Ray of Light” was a total success and innovation in pop world with its electronic music style and the hard to forget rhythms. “Rolling Stones” magazine reviewed this album as a first successful attempt to combine techno and pop music.

Madonna tried acting as well. Well to be honest with you, this is not going as good as you might think. The critics tore most of the movies she acted in, apart. The couple of them are worth mentioning though.
The most famous one of them would be “Evita” in which she played a wife of Argentinean president. Evita Peron became a symbol of compassion and was loved by people. Madonna played Evita in this movie. Her acting skills were both criticized and cheered upon. She recorded a soundtrack of the movie, which actually won the Oscars for the best movie soundtrack.

Once Madonna stepped on the top of the world, she is not stepping down. She is not that kind of personality. Always the first – always the best. I believe this motto would suit Madonna the best. Since her first album, Madonna ruled the pop music tops up until now and it does not look like she is planning to step off the stage. She has earned her place in the history and she won’t be forgotten.