Lingerie is one of the most intimate parts of our wardrobe. Women all over the world are having the same problem. How to choose the right lingerie, which will make you look astonishing, desirable, sensual and be comfortable at the same time?

There are so many different types and colors; you can almost loose your head. But first of all, you need to consider one thing; are you buying this underwear for yourself or for your man to look at.

Not always men appreciate the lingerie you choose. Obviously, men are more likely to admire sexy and exotic thongs or bare skin, rather then boys’ knickers or boxers. But, also, there are some general rules, which will help you to find the color, which suits you the most.

Strong colors, like rich green, dark blue and purple look better on brunettes and they will surely compliment your face and hair. And blondes will look wonderful in all the pastel shades of purple, blue and pink. This will not shade their bright hair and face features. If the nature gave you a nice red head, you can also take something from her, like all earth tones. Blue and green will accentuate your look. Those, who are changing their hair color often, will be pleased with white, black and red, these colors look excellent on everyone.

Skin color is also very important if you really want to buy the most suitable lingerie. Ladies, whose skin is light tanned, can wear a bit darker colors. Pastel colors suits women with pale geisha type of skin the best. The biggest options are for dark and ebony types of skin. They can put on all the pastel and powdery colors. Bright lingerie will accentuate the contrast of your skin. However, don’t forget, that blending your skin, hair and eye colors is very important too.

Not all women feel comfortable with their bodies. That is the reason, why a large number of ladies are concentrated on their body type when choosing lingerie.

Here are some tips how to accentuate your positive features and hide all those negative, you hate the most:

  • -Women, who have very small hips, breasts or waist are recommended not to wear tight fitting but choose loose lingerie.

  • -If the nature gave you small breasts, you are able to divert all the attention to your legs and bottom, body area, which you are happy with.

  • -Not always large bust are an advantage. For many women it’s a problem, and they want to minimize their breasts. Stretch materials, like Lycra and Spandex, are able to fix up and decrease their size.

  • -If you are short and you think it’s a negative thing, you’re very wrong. You should simply choose lingerie that is not too long and loose. Specialized petite shops are proposing a large number of different type and style lingerie.

  • -The main tip to tall women is not to choose lingerie, which looks too short but supposed to be long. You should wear something that accentuates your long legs. The best styles are white and vertically striped.

If you want to feel very comfortable, you need to choose between all the natural and cozy fabrics, such as flannel and cotton.

Fabrics like satin, velvet and silk would be preferable for those, who like the soft touch.

If you are not able to choose any lingerie, wear none, like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.