Male models wanted!that's a common phrase of modeling industry in our days. Why is it so and why do male models become more and more important?

Comparing male and female modeling on the whole we can see that the former is a bit different than the latter. In both cases first idea that comes to our mind when we hear about modeling – it must be a beautiful person. Model is the face of your clothing, fragrance, jewelry and all other accessories which you are making under your label. It has to be attractive; your designed goods must be packed to scream “buy me”. Looking from the manufacturer’s side – model has to represent the product as good as possible. That is why all industry professionals are needed to find, teach and give best models to work on the market.

Model demand is just a portion in the industry providing goods that need to be advertised by models. At the moment male models demand is increasing rapidly. It was influenced by the growing market of cosmetics, body care and similar beauty products dedicated for men, not mentioning clothing, fragrance and other accessories. Earlier, beauty was considered to be a privilege of women so the beauty products industry was orientated at them. Recently, men beauty products are becoming an equal share of industry and they have to be promoted. This is when men models come on the stage. They are needed to promote certain products. All modeling types starting from print jobs and ending with high fashion are asking for new faces.

Usually, we consider that women models have to be tall and thin. Some of us think it’s the real beauty, some of us don’t. Still, it is usual in modeling and that’s what we are used to see. Most of famous designers maintain that clothing looks better on a skinny female. Male models have a bit different requirements for their body. Most women like muscular men bodies and that is one of the reasons for a perfect body requirement. Though men have to be tall (5'11" to 6'2") and wear 40-42" jackets, they also have to look strong and elegant at the same time. These requirements are used for all high fashion models. On the other hand, quite opposite men are wanted in commercial modeling and photo shoots. These projects are best with extremely muscular men – usually fitness models, where height can be hidden or isn’t necessary at all.

One of most motivating things to start modeling is the expectation of good salary. Modeling career starters for the same modeling type earn similarly not depending on sex, the difference appears when model becomes a celebrity and comes to the peak of his/her career. It’s not a secret that female top models earn much more than male, but on the other hand how many male top models could you tell? Women models have been in this business for much longer and more active. Changes have not gone around this sphere as well - male models are coming to the top and they are same treasure which must be paid equally as female supermodels. If you want to get best results from promotion, you have to hire best of the best and that will cost you an effective sum of money.

A very new tendency in men modeling is constantly growing popularity of black male models. The demand of black models is increasing both in men and female modeling, but it’s stronger in men modeling. White skin models were the base of modeling for long years. That’s the influence of fashion industry concentration in Western Europe where white and pale skin models were much more popular.

Now fashion industry is becoming global and expands in all regions of the world. That requires not only new faces, but also a variety of them. It’s obvious that black male models usually have great bodies and look exotic for a big part of the world. Same tendency will go with Asians, Indians and all other exotic looking ethnicities. Modeling world is expanding and giving wide opportunities for men to take an important role in fashion industry.