On the 8th of February, 2007 the world lost stunning, sexual and controversial person - Anna Nicole Smith. She died in full blossom at the age of 39, but she already had time to become famous for her outlook and scandals. Anna Nicole was found lying unconscious on a hotel room flour in Florida; medics couldn’t help her to survive. The reason of her death is still in question. No official version is announced, but some drugs were found on her room.

It’s hard to find a person who hadn’t heard at least one fact about Anna Nicole Smith. She grew up in a large family, married and gave birth to son when she was 17 only. She used to work as waitress and assistant in Wal-Mart, but her whole life changed when she found employment as an exotic dancer.

That’s how this platinum blonde was noticed by Hugh Hefner who suggested her to pose for the Playboy magazine. Posing for pictures with not much clothes (or without them at all) seemed to be her passion for a life. She liked to expose her beauty, body and youth everywhere she went. Even though she was total opposition of regular skinny catwalk girls, she worked as a model and was very successful because of her extremely feminine figure. Anna Nicole’s body helped her to become Playboy’s “Playmate of the year 1993” and the main face of several advertising campaigns.

Anna Nicole Smith was often considered as dull minded because of her slurred and incoherent speeches. However she was smart enough to seduce 63 years elder billionaire Howard Marshall and marry him. Their marriage lasted for 13th months till Marshall died. Anna Nicole claimed that she married him for the love, but she spent 11 years in courts after his death trying to get more of Marshal’s estate than he actually dedicated for her. Final decision on how to divide the estate has not been decided yet.

She unsuccessfully tried her self as an actress couple of times and had her own reality show on “E! cable” network. Although she wasn’t talented enough for Hollywood, she appeared in series of episodes being her self. Anna Nicole Smith was always in the center of attention because of her clothing. She often used to wear something low-necked, short-cut, see through and tight. She was a dream for many men, but she was also considered to be too vulgar. Apart from gossips she was a well-wishing person who fought for animals’ rights in the organization PETA.

Smith’s 5 months old daughter is an orphan now as her paternity is in question. Anna Nicole faced a big tragedy right after her daughter’s birth, when her 20 years old son died because of drugs overdose.