Modeling work is being considered as one of the most popular works all over the world but mostly in high fashion industry countries. Usually many young aspiring girls who want to start models career doesn’t have a clue of some advantages and disadvantages of modeling work. There are not only nice and positive aspects of this work but negative as well.


-The number one advantage of being a model is traveling and a good chance to see beautiful countries of the whole world. Of course this become possible not to every singe model. So it is being considered as a good experience of modeling if you get an invitation to go abroad and work for some agency.

During such trips models have not only to work hard but also can visit famous places of that country or city, participate in parties and various events. Successful models during their modeling career visit many countries of modeling industry.

-Along with traveling there is one more advantage of being successful model – practicing foreign languages, mostly it’s English. But together with English sometimes models have a chance to learn the native language of a country where they need to work for a while. That’s very good for aspiring young girls who usually are still learning in high school to travel and practice languages. They become more experienced among their friends and people they know.

-Models also develop communication skills very well during their career and traveling to different countries. Models meet many new people – photographers, agents, other models and they need to communicate with many of them. Every person is different of course and models need to adjust themselves to approach new people or to be approached by them. All new meetings with unknown people, especially those with interesting characters, help to develop communication skills a lot.

-Influential acquaintances is something very important in the whole modeling industry. And that’s one of the most important things that happen in modeling parties and other event. Models have a chance to meet very famous people in all over the world. Along with them are also not so famous but influential people which you (model) can make your friend – just because they usually like beautiful people, and moreover nice character persons. So its up to you how you – will you make that happen or not.

There is not only bright side of modeling career. Along with positive things there are negative as well which ones usually are not seen to everyone.


- Models career is hard and sometimes depressing. Try to imagine an aspiring model, who has a good look and she has been invited to participate in 3 big castings the same day. In every casting agents are ready to see from 150 to 200 female models and they need to choose one or two – the best ones. It’s not hard to imagine that after few such days when you do your best, but no one want to hire you as a model – you will start to feel a little bit depressed of course.

- During modeling travels sometimes young models beginners go to work abroad for the first time in their life. And they spend several months in foreign country – they have to learn to live alone and independently from their parents. It happens that for some models it is hard to stay away from relatives and close friends for some longer time – they miss them and start to know the feeling of home-sick.

- Despite disadvantages mentioned above there is one more very important for personality aspect. That is giving up your own principles. Models work requires doing a lot of things that they are being told to do. Imagine anyone who always listens to someone higher, more powerful and do every little thing he/she says. It is very hard for people, who have strong character and inspiring personality. Moreover sometimes models have to pose or look as they hate to look – that is also affecting a person negatively, because models start to feel as a dolls being used for something that “owner” (I mean person who is giving commands) wants.

- Everyone knows that one of the most important things in the modeling work is good physical shape and body measurements. That means models have to take good care of their body and sometimes to be on a diet. There are many girls who don’t face this problem at all, but there are some who can easily gain some more weight than they need. When that happens models who want to get on catwalk – have to change their eating habits and loose those kilograms. Sometimes that is very hard to do and cause a lot of patience for models.

In conclusion I want to emphasize one thing – these advantages and disadvantages that I mentioned will not necessarily fit to every model. Every person is different and accepts things differently, so it’s up to you (dear model) how you want to react to your situation. Better be prepared for it then it will be easier to overcome all these things.