You’ve met that wonderful person and even asked to meet later. The first date might be a challenge, as you don’t know her or him well, you’re not sure what to say, how to act and the most important thing - how to impress. It sounds frightful, but hey, if you’re with a person you really like, you shouldn’t feel like waiting for court to pass a judgment on you. Here are some tips to forget that awkward feeling and stay with thrill of joy.

Dress clothes you feel comfortable with, but they should be suitable for outdoor. The best solution is to dress in something you look perfect, but still feel well and comfortable. However don’t show everything you got if you’re not planning to end the evening at bedroom. Your date don’t know you much and will judge you by your appearance and manners.

If you don’t want someone to treat you like a bimbo, don’t dress up like one. It’s better for both of you to decide where you will go in advance, so you won’t wear tuxedo for date in a pub or high-heels for a golf club. Don’t perfume yourself too much. You don’t want your date to smell your fragrance while you’re still two blocks away. And don’t be late, it shows that you don’t respect others.

It’s usual to go to see a movie or to have a dinner on the first date, so you won’t miss if you choose these two options. It’s endless question who should pay for a dinner, the one who asked out, the guy or both. It would be nice to offer to pay for half of the check, to avoid uncomfortable staring at the bill in the end of a date. Be careful when choosing a movie! Dramas go for emotive persons only, but horror and war movies make you scared and excited. And when you frightened you want to hold someone’s hand and get closer. If you choose a comedy, watch your date during the movie. You can know her or him better by what jokes make one laugh, what is considered rude and various other things.

If a movie and dinner seems to be boring plan for evening, try going for a walk. It’s simple, relaxing and you can talk much. You can always find a nice park, a sidewalk near a river or a pond, a zoo park or other place close to nature. The first date usually is dedicated to know each other better, so avoid places where you can’t talk like night clubs. If you want “accidentally” get in physical touch try teaching your date to play pool or ice-skating.

The awkward part of the first date is silent moments (or even minutes) when both of you don’t know what to say or do. If it’s a blind date, usually both of you won’t have an idea what to talk about. Prepare some topics to avoid this; a date should be a funny thing. Look through today’s titles on newspapers, so you can ask questions like “Have you heard of that event in NYC?” or “Do you know who won that award?”

It’s better to avoid perilous topics, especially religions, political convictions and money. People get sensitive when talking about these things and you don’t want your date to turn into debate. Remember not to act like you or your date was on a job interview. Questions about friends, work, hobbies are pretty “safe”. But don’t get too personal too fast and don’t complain about shock you had in your childhood or how bad your last relationship was. Talking about ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends can ruin your image easily.

Ask a lot of questions, it shows that you care about your date. Try to find similarities between you two, the same hobby, music style or whatever makes your date feel that you already are two of a kind. Make your date feel comfortable; a few compliments always break the ice. Simply be yourself. If you try too hard to impress, you may overdo and be considered to be arrogant. Just smile and look into the eyes, a smile can do miracles!

Also be polite and in good manners, these things are still appreciated. Say “thank you” whenever your date does something nice, it doesn’t cost a thing, but it shows that you enjoy that person’s company. Don’t use your mobile phone! It’s very rude to text someone or make a call and ignore the person next to you. And don’t stare at sexy waitress! If it’s a blind date and the person you’ve met is not what you’ve expected, don’t overreact. You can still make it funny; if it’s organized by your friends, ask your date’s opinion about the friends’ skills in matchmaking. Keep it fun and polite.

The end of the first date might be extremely frightening; both of you are waiting for a kiss. You can get around this uncomfortable situation and give him or her kiss before a date, at the moment you meet. This way, you both will be more prepared to kiss for goodbye. However if you didn’t like your date, don’t deceive your self and the other person. Simply thank for a date and say you could be great friends. Don’t try to pounce on your date; a hug and a short kiss are fine, unless he/ she openly go for more.

Show that you care about your date; pick some topic in advance to avoid awkward silence; be yourself, but stay polite. If there’s some chemistry between you two, these things are enough to keep a date fun. However prepare a backup plan if a date appears to be boring or a total disaster.