February - the last winter month. Spring is coming, and it means that the most suitable time for weddings is getting closer. Certainly, Bohemians marry in autumn and in winter as well, but spring and summer remain leaders by number of wedding celebrations. A magnificent Hindu-style wedding celebration between Elizabeth Hurley and a multimillionaire Indian textile tycoon Arun Nayar will open the new wedding season.

Preparations for the wedding have begun in the end of 2006. So many rumors go about the celebration, the star guest-list and various entertainments, it’s almost unbelievable. Happy enamored are neither saving their money, nor hiding this event from publicity. The preliminary date is March 3rd, and the place is already known. To be frank, the places are numerous, with such cities as London, Bombay (capital of state of Maharashtra) and Rajasthan having been chosen for the wedding. Umaid Bhawan Palace seems to be a good place for accommodations of 200 guests in India. Liz and Arun are planning on making two ceremonies, with the first one commencing next Saturday in London. We thought we would check ourselves if all preparations are already done, so here the brief list:

The Choice of a wedding dress.

One of the most quivering and long-awaited moments is to see the wedding dress. This task was put on Donatella Versace, who deals this time with a more interesting “problem” than the design of a traditional white dress. The matter is that Liz, as the future wife of Hindu, has ordered a red wedding sari for ceremony in Hindu style. But recently, it was unveiled that the fiancée will wear an exclusive silk sari of the Indian designer Tarun Tahiliani, costing $7800. But what will Liz Hurley wear on her wedding day is still a mystery, as we’ve heard she bought 13 different dresses, including sari, of course.

Invitations to wedding.

It is not known to whom the invitations were sent, but some people are already in the list for sure. So the bridesmaid will be Victoria Beckham. She and other Lizzie’s friends will choose themselves a dress from an exclusive collection of Donatella Versace, made specially for this event. A couple not less known, namely Sir Elton John and his friend David Fernish, will be attending too, the latter being the best man.

Hen night.

It is a party before the wedding for bride’s close friends and herself. They will party it out to the fullest. The fun will take place in London. Most likely, the programme will be something like this: beauty salons, spa procedures, dinner in one of the most expensive and prestigious restaurants of the capital of Great Britain, and other whims of millionaires.

The Attendants.

Here is a standard set of personnel: cooks (from London), waiters, singers and musicians and... a trainer of elephants. Liz wants to transform a Hindi wedding into a beautiful Oriental fairy tale. A big platform of flowers will be the place where the married couple will swear each other in love and faithfulness. The bride will arrive to an altar not on a white limousine (and not in a white dress as you have guessed) but on an elephant. Not a bad idea, right?

The Honeymoon.

Honeymoon an uncertain item in Lizzie’s list, but rumours go about Maldives, even though the groom has a splendid residence in Switzerland. It is said Liz and Arun first met each other there.

The Home.

Arun, Liz and Damian (her son from a previous marriage) need a cozy house with a warm and relaxed atmosphere, where business plans will not disturb their private plans for romantic evenings. For this purpose, the future family is building a house of their dreams in Barnsley (a county Gloucestershire). The couple gave ₤2.7 million for this real estate.

A new member of the family.

Liz is 41 years old, and her age is beautiful, but how many of us would agree to give a birth to a child after forty? However, Hurley-Nayar family’s plans include one more joyful event, for which both parents are already preparing. Liz and Arun get on a special diet which will help Liz’s organism to save up enough energy for the process of pregnancy. This event is planned for the end of 2007.

Some facts and rumors from Lizzie’s life and wedding

The rumor has it that Victoria Beckham has refused to take part in the wedding ceremony because of the dress. Liz asked all women to dress sari in the gala day of her life according to Hindi traditions. She also mentioned color – pink for women and orange turbans for men. It is very bright if you saw Hindi films, and it should be clear for you how approximately the guests will be dressed on wedding in Bombay. Beckham refused because having appeared in sari she can disqualify herself as « an icon of style » and by the way, pink is not her favorite color. Nothing speaks about Victoria’s decision yet.
Elizabeth eats watercress soup to keep her figure.
Liz Hurley has size 46.
Liz has become pregnant at the age of 37 for the first time.
The father of her son Damian is a Californian producer Stephen Bing, and it was proved with the examination of DNA, which has been made under Liz’s insisting after Bing has refused to admit the fact of his paternity.
Elizabeth Hurley was born on June, 10th 1965 in Basingstoke, a county Hampshire, United Kingdom.
Liz is older than Arun’s ex-wife by 4 years.
Liz has her own line of swimsuits and beach accessories. Her new collection was named Elizabeth Hurley Beach and will appear on sale in well-known American stores Saks Fifth Avenue in March.

Well, that’s all! Welcome to the wedding!