Once your agency has launched your promotion to the clients, you will then be asked to attend castings. A casting is basically a situation where you meet a client either at the agency or at a studio. You will always need to take your portfolio and a couple of index cards. There are different types of casting, as follows:

1. Agency casting

The amount of models attending an agency casting varies depending on the client and his requirements, there may be only a few models but there can be as many as 30 models. There may be a long wait before your turn to meet the client, but this is normal. The casting could take up to 2 hours - although your actual time spent with the client should be only 5 minutes max!

Remember to show the best of your beauty, temper and communication skills. Don't be capricious and respect people around you even if you have to wait for several hours. A simple smile can do miracles! Clients prefer models who are easy to work with, to those who are all about ignorant beauty. Waiting for your turn may be exhausting, clients or scouts may not be the nicest people to talk to, but you have to brace yourself up. Your chance to be hired depends on your ability to present yourself in casting. Be prepared to improvise and change clothes; if clients like you, they may want to see your acting skills or the way you look in specific clothing.

2. Studio casting

If invited to a studio casting, be prepared for a photographer to take a Polaroid or even put you on video. It is important that you appear confident and willing to help at all times. Always dress according to the look required and if it is a figure job, it is best to take a bikini or nice underwear (they may even supply this if they are interested in you and you will have to wear it in front of the client!). A Casting is always treated as a booking and MUST NEVER be missed. If you have a problem getting to a casting, always speak to your booker immediately.

Both agency castings and studio castings are organized by certain agencies. If a model doesn't work with any agency, he or she can still take part in open castings. Follow advertisements in media, as ads for open castings often appear under the name ‘open calls'. If you think you meet the requirements, don't be afraid to participate.

Open casting calls are common when agencies are looking for new talents. Open castings are also organized when people with a certain look (athletic, petite, etc.) are needed for commercials, events, editorials and other kinds of projects. If you want to start a model career on your own or if you're not a model at all, but you've got extraordinary looks, open call is a great way to live your dream.

Don't grieve if you're not chosen right after you enter the room. The majority of clients and model scouts make their decisions after the casting is over, and they have time to review notes about every girl and photos/videos made in studio casting. If you're not suitable for a certain project, it doesn't mean that you've attended the casting in vain. Once you've participated in the casting, the agency or clients have information about you, so you may be selected for another projects after some time.