He is definitely charming and talented, artistic and kinky. He made a huge influence to the fashion world in two past decades. Tom Ford's insolent thinking resurrect Gucci fashion house from almost dead. So, who is this American 45 years old boy that can afford walking around showing his hairy chest and be elected as most wanted bachelor by women magazines even if he's openly gay?

Tom Ford was interested in beauty since he was a child; even then he cared how he looked. His mother and grandmother were stylish women who taught him about aesthetics a lot.

Tom Ford has always been a creative person: he studied art history and interior architecture; he's been trained as an actor and even appeared in some TV commercials as a model. And then one day, when he has almost finished studies at Parsons School of Design he realized that fashion is what he wants to do for rest of his life.

Tom Ford started his work in fashion business with Cathy Hardwick and Perry Ellis, but pretty soon he moved to Europe and joined Gucci as women's ready-to-wear designer. Early 1990's was the worst time Gucci fashion house has ever faced. Tom Ford entered there at the right moment; his creative mind and strong vision helped Gucci brand to recover and shine brightly. First of all he changed the image of Gucci shoes to lighter and sexier and leather wallets to satin made. Looking back to what Tom Ford had created, there probably isn't a thing that wouldn't be sensual and sexual. Step by step he changed whole image of Gucci fashion house and later the image of Yves Saint Laurent as well.

By the year 1994 Tom Ford was a creative director already. He became well known because of his collection in 1995 that shocked everyone. Tom Ford is the one we should thank for changing waist-high trousers to hip-huggers. He introduced sexy velvet clothes and jeans decorated with colorful beads. Garments from this collection were adored by many celebrities including Julianne Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet and Madonna. It became fashionable to wear Gucci branded clothes, thanks to Tom Ford. He promoted sensual garments in his further collections as well; such as low-slung waist line, knitted dresses, close-fitting shirts and impressive high-heels.

Tom Ford took fashion world over with his imagination and energy. At one period he managed eleven Gucci products lines, including sportswear, evening wear, accessories, shoes, bags and more. As he says in interviews, he usually sleeps 2-3 hours a day and keeps a notepad with him, so he can fix ideas on paper all the time. That's the enviable enthusiasm! While he was working at Gucci, Tom Ford traveled a lot, trying to see the fashion world wide and to guess what would be a new trend. He says he creates a personage, a personality in his imagination, and then tries to imagine what clothes and shoes she/he would wear, how this person would smell, what world she or he would live in. That's how Tom Ford's collections are created. He was often inspired by movies and glamour of 1970's. He said he wanted to bring fashion closer to everyone and erase a line between high fashion and read-to-wear clothing.

Even though Tom Ford is in relationships with Richard Buckley since 1986 and admits his sexual orientation openly, he appeared several times in the lists on most wanted bachelors made by women magazines. Surprisingly, his coworkers let out, that female models Tom Ford used to work with were often interested in him. There definitely is something attractive in his calm pose, playful smile and piercing eyes. His popularity was also formed by his "party animal" image gained for constant participating in presentations and premieres.

Since he left Gucci in 2004, he's been working to live his old dream - to make whole movie. While performing in TV commercials in his teen age, Tom Ford found out that he could direct subject filming better that the ones he's been working with. The other reason to make a movie was his mystified view of cinema. He always dreamt to create whole imaginary world by him self.

However Tom Ford hadn't left fashion world; by now he presented sculpted eyewear line and exotic perfume called "Black Orchid". He's also anxious to show his new men's wear for spring 2007. This is going to be the first independent collection and it will match with first Tom Ford's wear shop opening. Is he afraid to start his own fashion line? Not at all - his shop is even going to be placed next to Ralph Lauren's clothing shop and almost in opposite of Gucci store.