Categories. The first three categories which you will encounter when adding your photo in are General, Parent Guardian and Restricted. They are also called classes. Basically, photos of these three categories are selected by their acceptability to the audience age.

General – photographs that are acceptable for audience of all age groups and have no nude or sexually explicit content.

Parent Guardian – photographs that should not be viewed by audience younger than 14 years.

Restricted – photographs that include glamour, sexually explicit and nude content, and which should be displayed only for adults.

NOTE: Do not think that selection of the category depends on who adds the photographs – the category must be chosen according to the content of the photo.

Groups. When you choose the class, you have to select a group. Photographs which are used in models portfolios have some specific groups. A strong portfolio should have a few photos from each group mentioned above.

Other – photographs that do not fit in any other group, most often those are nature, landscape, food and similar-themed photos.

Portfolio/fashion – high quality artistic photos, usually made by professional photographers in specialized studios. Mostly, photos of this group should include some decorations, special appearance of the model (haircut, costume and etc.), background, lightening and similar unusual features.

Editorial/tear sheet – mostly print jobs. Photos used in magazines, catalogues, leaflets, calendars and similar paper commercials.

Show/event – photographs from various contests, modeling shows, fashion events and similar feasts or festivals.

Glamour/nude – photographs that have many nude elements or shown persons are completely naked. These photographs are not related with pornography and represent only glamour art pictures.

Swimsuit/lingerie – photographs where models/people are wearing swimsuits and lingerie but do not mix that with Polaroid pictures.

Polaroid – specific photographs used mainly in modeling industry. When Polaroid photographs are made, models must wear swimsuits, have no makeup, hair must be clean and there must be no posing. The main thing of these photos – models must be natural. Polaroids are usually required when a model wants to make contracts with agencies, photographers or other industry professionals who need to see natural model’s look. These photos can be made with digital or Polaroid cameras.

Main poses of Polaroid photographs:

Stand still, no smiling, hair bent upwards.
Stand still, no smiling, hair loose.
Stand still, smile, hair loose.
Stand sideways (in left profile), hair bent.
Stand sideways (in right profile), hair loose.
Stand still, front to the camera, hair bent - full height photo.
Stand sideways (in right profile), hair bent - full height photo.
Stand still, back to the camera, hair bent - full height photo.
Stand still, front to the camera, hair bent - upper body part photo.
Stand still, front to the camera, hair loose - upper body part photo.

NOTE: would be better if a model would have two types of Polaroid photos - in full height and only in upper body part with a closer zoom.