The entire website is the homepage of a celebrity model and a very warm person Jurgita Jurksaite Kiguole, so we are happy to introduce you with some of her hobbies and maybe even herself. As a start, we are going to tell you that Jurgita is a fan of speed and she is very interested in cars, maybe that's even a thing we could call her hobby. This article is here to represent you her most favorite cars so look at her top ten cars!
Bugatti Veyron 16.4
Bugatti Veyron 16.4. Have you ever dreamed about winning a professional car-race with your own vehicle? I think that's very possible if you had this supercar with 8.0L quad-turbo W16 engine. It's a real devil that is the fastest and most powerful car ever launched. Even if you want it as much as Jurgita does, you won't get it so easily. First of all this car base price is about $1,440,800 and if that sum doesn't frighten you than we must warn that it is also to fast for many countries and be careful before driving it - might be illegal. But still all fans of speed would like to feel the power of reaching 100km/h only in 2.5s and drive up to 400 km/h! Only 300 units of Veyron were sold in 2006.
Ferrari P4/5. This adorable supercar coupe has similar characteristics like Ferrari Enzo, but a completely different body design made by Pininfarina designer Jason Castriota. This "red formula one" was launched in 2006 with 6L Enzo Ferrari V12 engine and will take only 3.55s to reach 100km/h speed. If that's not enough for you to want this car, than you probably are not interested in driving 360 kilometers per hour.
Ferrari P4/5
Lamborghini Gallardo was expressively designed by Italdesign Giugiaro and firstly produced in 2003. This car belongs to supercar class and has 5.0L V10 engine which can reach up to 315 km/h speed. Two - seated sports car comes up to 100km/h only in four seconds! With the power of 388 kW you may flow like the wind, maybe that's why this car is a top selling of Lamborghini and one of Jurgita's top 10 cars.
Lamborghini Gallardo
Maserati MC1
Maserati MC12. A GT car, which was produced for private clients as a result of great demand after winning FIA GT races in 2004. The edition was limited to 50 cars with 6L V12 engine which has 465 kW power. To produce 50 cars was one of the requirements for Maserati to enter FIA GT races. All of the cars had semi-automatic transmission and were sold for 600 000 EUR each. It may reach 100km/h in 3.7s and the top speed is 330km/h.
Bentley Continental GT
Bentley Continental GT is also different from the ones above but this time it's because of his class and features. This car is not a supercar though its characteristics are very impressive. 6L W12 engine with 411 kW power can drive up to 312km/h speed and reach the first hundred kilometers per hour only in 4.8 seconds. This 2-door coupe was produced in 2003 and is still loved among many celebrities because of its high comfort class, easy driving and many special features.
BMW E63 is a great car which Jurgita usually drives. It has 4.5L V8 engine with 245 kW power and can reach 100 km/h only in 5.4 seconds. The speed of this car is electronically limited until 250 km/h. It's a quite comfortable car with luxury features and a very elegant design. Imagine how Jurgita looks in her black BMW 645i coupe - honestly, she looks just great, but I couldn't tell if the car is adorning her or she does it to the car.
Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. Despite the driving comfort and many luxury items that are usual for MB brand this is also the fastest automatic transmission car of the world. Though as a supercar it is quite heavy, the 5.5L supercharged V8 engine reaches 100km/h speed only in 3.8 seconds. This very elegant two-seated car with gullwing doors is powered with petrol and produces 466.8 kW
Aston Martin DBS is the famous car of James Bond in the movie Casino Royale. 500 horsepower of 6.0L V12 engine is the best way to express a fast and swift character. This little beast is from a limited edition and there will be only 300 units of this more powerful and sportier version of usual Aston Martin DB9 model. If you are interested in getting this car you might still be able to do order one for planed price which somewhere around $250,000.
Aston Martin DBS
Hummer H1 Alpha is completely different vehicle from the ones above. It's not a supercar and it's is not even a sports car. Though it is not usual at all. This Hummer is an extremely big car based on a model of U.S. army High Mobility Multipurpose jeep. There are four variants with five types of engines three types of automatic transmission which you may choose when ordering Hummer.
Hummer H1 Alpha
All the above mentioned cars are the ones most of us can only dream about. Same goes to Jurgita as well, but she can't really complain about the ones she actually drives. Jurgitas's family owns two cars which also likes very much, so here they are:
Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 is the car driven by Jurgita's husband. It's a very comfortable car with 3.5L V6 engine with 200kW power. Jurgita loves this car because of its many features and luxury, but still she is a fan of speed and BMW makes it much better.
Mercedes-Benz CLS 350