Finally, we are ready for our own model contest on The idea of model contests is not new at all. Everyone knows the rules, organizational moments and the realization of such contests from TV, newspapers and other mass media. But this one is more complicated and more interesting at the same time.

While this contest was being prepared, we've looked through participant profiles many times, day after day. Some of us criticized their photos, some gave compliments. Yes, they are mostly amateur, self-made and without a professional touch, but during this rough week we fell in love with their photos. Having no appropriate lighting, stylish background and professional camera, their photos have spirit, soul, emotions and some kind of ‘imperfect' perfection. You can feel their life, natural beauty and independent character while you are looking at them. We do not see the same works twice, as we often do on glamour magazines' covers.

A little info about the contest as a whole. If someone asks me if I like to organize a beauty contest, I will answer - no. For me, the word "photography" is a synonym of the word "magic". When you take a photo, you stop time. As Melanie C sings, "we will never be the same again", and only our photos will always be the desirable images of ourselves. To be a photo model means to be an actress. Laugh, cry, be sad or be absolutely happy - sometimes these are the feelings photographers or editors of famous magazines want to see. You should speak with the camera, flirt wit it, and the camera should love you as well. Not everyone can be a photo model: you should be photogenic and it is not a privilege of everyone.

First of all, this is an Internet project, so all our plans and ideas wouldn't become real if people didn't want to cooperate with us. People from are active in our forum, and they will certainly be interested in taking part in our online contest. The only way of controlling the contest is the Internet, our forum and messages. On the other hand, internet allows us to make this contest international, as we have expect to participants from Indonesia, Australia, Ireland, USA, Russia, Belgium, Philippines, Iceland, Romania and Cyprus.

This contest is amateur, and the first that will be held in Participating does not require vast experience in modeling; it is more like an interactive way to compete with each other and see what you've got. We proposed them to do make-up by themselves, to be the stylist, designer, photographer and model in one; and that's really hard. No doubts, they are the most courageous, aspiring and inventive models in the world.

The whole Spring photo model contest will be held in the special forum board "Photo model contest". Main information about the contest:

Who can participate? All members who meet all the contest requirements can apply for participating. The participation is free of charge.

How to apply? A special time and forum topic will be assigned for the contest applications. The participants will have to post a reply in that forum topic. Please visit the above mentioned forum link to get more information on how to apply.

The process of the Contest. The Contest will be held in four rounds, three of which will be available to all members, with the fourth being the Finals. Each round will be assigned to an appropriate forum topic, where all the participants will have to make ONE post with an attached photo. The special forum feature "attachment" will help you to post your competitive photo. To simplify the counting of votes, we will create separate topics for each round. Only ONE photo per round is allowed. Each round will feature an assignment, such as making a particular photo according to the Contest requirements. 10 participants, who accumulate the most votes during the first three rounds, will participate in the Finals. If several participants accumulate an equal amount of votes, we reserve the right to assign a special task for those who do or give them an extra vote of the jury.

Jury will work in creation process, give an extra vote or give advice to any of the participants. The chairwoman of the process will be Yana Popova - members may address her in case of inconsistencies, suggestions, etc. The whole contest will be observed by several Jury members.


1. The winners of the first three places will give a personal interview to Yana Popova. A lot of people know that magazine writes articles to thousands of its members. The latest articles are always shown on the main page of the site and on the control panel of all members: models, scouts, singers and etc. We propose the winner to be the main "subject" of our articles. Big interview, photos and biography, ambitions and desires - all will be added to article and posted with the headline "Winner of Spring Photo Model Contest 2007: ......" Remember, a lot of people will have an opportunity to see you, to discover you. We hope that our contest will attract scouts, and who knows, maybe our next article will be a story of success, about how someone was discovered due to our model contest!

2. The three winners will get special marks on their portfolios here in Also, there will be a note in their accounts about the place taken in the contest, with links to the contest and the interview.

3. Each of the 10 finalists' photos will be added to MySpace profile photo album, with caption "Spring Photo Contest 2007 Finalist". The three highest places will be marked "The Spring Photo Contest 2007 Winner, 1st Place Winner", "The Spring Photo Contest 2007, 2nd Place Winner", and "The Spring Photo Contest 2007, 3rd Place Winner" respectively.

We are also planning a Summer Photo Model, which is an amateur photographer's contest, and others are sure to come as well! We do hope you will enjoy it and have fun with us! Good luck to all!