Probably every one of us already faced a problem when trying to match different color clothes. We always consider does this red skirt match my navy blouse or blue jeans match orange top? For those who have this kind of problem we give some tips how to match main colors with all other.
White color is considered a summer season color. Moreover, white is one of those few clothes colors that match with any other color! So it is very easy to wear white clothes - with blue denim jeans, red skirt or colorful trousers. Wearing white top will lighten up your mood in autumn or winter. Full light white wear will give you a breezy look and feeling during a hot summer day.
Red - a physically inspiring color of passion and love. Red is extensively used in all fashion seasons. When matching reds with other colors its good to use darker shades: maroon, brick red or hot pink. Red also has violet and orange as familiar colors, so matching them with red works well. Green color is a compliment to red - just make sure these colors are kept muted.
Otherwise you may create a really ugly clash. Blue and yellow should also be used very cautiously when matching with reds.
Yellow is a color commonly used in fashion. This color creates an atmosphere of attraction and excitement. This color is always difficult to match because of the tendency of yellows to be bright. Although it always looks good with black clothes. It gives a nice effect. The analogous colors to yellow are green and orange, and should also be soft-shaded for best effect.
You should avoid going for dark shades of green and orange color to prevent making the yellow appear even brighter than it is. Be careful when you match yellow with red and blue clothes.
Black is always in fashion. This color is always stylish - doesn't matter if it is spring or autumn, winter or summer. Black readily matches tops of any colors. Moreover, if you wear all-black, you look slimmer. Girls like to use this trick if they want to look sexy and slim. Black is also a color
symbolizing elegance and refinement. You will never miss if you wear black in any party or occasion. Black gown is always in fashion to go to any party.
Add some accessories of opposite color or something sparkling and you will have an easy solution for evening wear.
Blue is a color of summer skies and the sea. Blues is identified with calmness, idealism and inspiration. That's the reason why blue always matches well with white-colored clothes - almost every girl tried wearing blue jeans and white top - easy casual appearance which looks good for comfortable look. Blue also matches with darker or more muted shades as opposed to bright shades. Analogous colors for blue are green and violet, so it looks good when lighter shades of green and violet are matched with darker blue. Also blue can be matched with orange, a complimentary color for blue. It intensifies the effect of the color. Be especially cautious when trying to match blue with shades of red and yellow.
Green is a color which symbolizes vitality and life energy. When you match green with other clothes the key is to select the proper shades of green. Also blue and yellow look good paired with green, especially when you choose proper lightness and darkness of these colors. This kind of match is very popular for spring wear. Opposite color of green is red - they also match very well together. Be careful when you match green with violets and oranges, because an unpleasant clash might occur if you attempt to match overly bright or intense shades of these two colors.