A new feature that has come with some modifications of Jurgita.com are moderator rights or in other words - moderator accounts.

Moderator rights will be given for a few active community members not depending on their membership level. There will be an icon which will mark moderators' accounts.

The moderators will have to verify certain types of profiles, approve profile changes and all the new photos. You can even reject a profile that is displayed on the main page of jurgita.com: it will then appear on the profiles list and will be either rejected or approved, depending on the verdict of the other moderators. Also, the mods will have privileges in the forum: they will be able to erase inappropriate posts and lock topics.

All the moderator’s actions will be evaluated by activity points. If the account in question is good to go and you approve it, you will get 2 activity points. You also get 1 AP for each verified photo. However, if you approve a bad profile, 10 APs will be removed from your account. Moreover, you get -5 APs for approving a bad photo. APs will be converted to credits (which you can spend on whatever you please) and you’ll accumulate those pretty fast while being a moderator.

Photo moderation. A good photo is a photo whose Group and Category fields match correctly: just double-click it. Parent Guardian photos are appropriate for children not younger than 14 years old, Restricted are appropriate only for adults. Please look at our help article Photo types in Jurgita.com so you will know how photos should be classified. When approving photos, you may also want to check the profile: do not approve naked under-aged children photos, erotic pictures with kids, any kind of pornography, offensive content, etc. A naked or half-naked body with no visible face should also be rejected, unless the picture is clearly recognizable as art and made by a professional photographer. If all you can see in the picture is a car, an animal or some other thing, try looking at the profile type – a photographer may put different photos into his portfolio, but the main member photo shouldn’t be a refrigerator. Always look for any copyright signs or watermarks on the pictures before approving them: do not approve photos that clearly do not belong to the person who wants to put them up. Copyright can also be a web link, but not an e-mail address. The title of the photo or description shouldn’t contain a web or e-mail link as well. When rejecting photos, you’ll have to provide a reason for rejecting them; this reason will be sent to those whose pictures you reject, but your name will not be disclosed.

Audio / video files moderation. All of our members depending on their membership level may add some audio or video files in their profiles. You will see them in photo moderating list. You may approve only the files that are made by the user who adds them in his account. It means no Madona’s or Shakira’s – just the songs or videos that user creates himself. This profile section is not added just for some music; it was added for a better revealing of your own talent only.

Profile moderation. Moderators will have to approve new profiles and old ones which are updated and needs to be checked. The profile type you will see in the upper right corner where the path is written. The main guidelines of profile moderation are listed below.

  1. Name/surname. All members have to have a name and surname. If the person doesn't want to add a surname, he can add only the first letter, but if the name is"xxx" or something similar, the profile must be rejected (bad name/surname).
  2. Professional status. Creating the profile, users can choose their professional status. There are three if them: amateur, semi-pro and pro. Most of new users choose semi-pro or even pro just for fun, though they do not have any experience and the photos are made with cellphones. When moderating profiles, always look at the pro status. If the person has only one photo, not depending on his profile type he must be amateur. Semi-pro and pro status must follow the information given in the profile, mostly the photos. Look at the quality of photos and also don't forget to visit their website. Sometimes users are lazy to upload many photos, though they are professionals, so if they have uploaded 5 professional photos and you see much more of them in their official website, than the user can be listed as professional. If there are not enough photos to prove the pro or semi-pro status - approve and set pro status to lower one.
  3. Measurements. The measurements have to be logical, but before judging look at the age and profile type. If the model or dancer is 18 years old and the weight is 5kg - reject (measurements clearly out of range), but if it is a member, singer, entertainer - approve, because it is unnecessary for common members to specify weight.
  4. Email addresses. Giving emails is allowed only for VIP members. If the lower membership member gives emails in any of the profile fields - reject (email addresses given).
  5. Websites. There is a field for a personal website and each user can have one, but if the websites are given in some other fields like description or as additional info - reject (website does not work/inappropriate). Also the given websites must work and suit the profile. If it is a photographers profile than the website should show some of his/her work, if it is a model the website can show his/her photos, but if its a member and the website is clearly not his/hers and has no relation with him/her - reject. Most of common users give their myspace account link - it's ok, if the account in myspace clearly belongs to him/her.
  6. Photos. If you the photos are inappropriate, like pornography or a car instead of the person - reject (inappropriate photos/content). If the photos are good, but the wrong groups and and categories are selected - approve (photos need additional moderating). Then each of the photo will appear in the photo moderation list.
  7. Adult content. Persons under 18 may not have adult content - reject (inappropriate adult content).
  8. Watermarks. If there are watermarks on the photos with emails - reject (email addresses given). If there is a link - reject (inappropriate content/photos), but if the website of the given link clearly belongs to the profile owner - approve. If the person wrote his name on the photos - approve.
  9. Multiple reasons. If there are a few reasons like wrong pro status and photos need additional moderation - reject (multiple reasons).

You will not loose activity points if you have approve/reject, but have chosen another reason. For example if one approves with additional photo moderation and another one approves with a lower pro status, than both of them will get activity points. You will loose points if you will reject and two other moderators will approve.

A profile or a photo will be approved or rejected as soon as two or more moderators will mark it as either acceptable or inappropriate. It means that any profile approval or rejection requires a minimum vote of two moderators.

Moderators do not have to necessarily approve or reject, if you are not sure what to do. Just leave the photo/profile without any action, we will constantly check both of the lists and approve or reject the left items.

Let's just follow logic, discuss problems together and offer changes if the need arises.