While designers work to present new fashion trends, make-up artists create trends for basic spring and summer make-up tendencies. Spring had come with plenty of colors that left a lot of field for imagination. Joyful and refined image is the keynote of all make-up collections dedicated for the summer season.

The main part of season trends is played by rich colors: green, violet and blue. They should occupy cosmetic bag, but keep in mind the basic trick – you should use these colors in careful and modest way.

This season opens up a way for bold girls and women to use various colors for make-up. Shades of green, sky blue, turquoise and lilac are only a few fashionable colors of this year to mention. All colors of a rainbow are allowed to shimmer on eyelids, but remember to put on a small amount of shades. Even rich colors should look rather soft than daring. Golden, sandy and chocolate tones appear next to main blue-green-violet notes. They should be used for elegant evening make-up. Lashes should be covered with a thick layer of mascara to make a look even more effective.

The most fashionable thing of this year is lip gloss of various skin tones. However brighter colors are recommended to use for the evening make-up. There is the essential rule to pay attention to when you put on a make-up: you need to highlight either eyes or lips, but never both of them. Brightly accentuated eyes fit to natural lips, while pale and simple eye make-up suits to rich colored lips.

What new trends are presented in the capitals of fashion? Parisian tendency suggests Nude-Look – the image of pale and innocent. The main accent is return of 60’ties style with eye liners and light colored lips. Another returned tendency is light metallic shades. Face should look innocent and brand-new this season. Image of innocence is signalized by pale skin. To achieve this result, the make-up means are used as little as possible. Skin is covered with liquid make-up base; upper eyelids are highlighted with shades lighter in one tone while lower eyes’ contours are outlined using white eyeliner. Glossy sand colored lipstick is used to improve indistinct make-up. Soft lips gloss gives elegant look. This type of make-up perfectly fits for daytime.

The newest trends of Milan suggest pure eyes and rosy lips; the main accent is left for the lip gloss. Milanese make-up goes back to basics as professionals only use blush, make-up base and powder. According to this style, lips are in the center of attention as no make-up is used on the eyes, not even shades of lashes mascara. Lips are highlighted with rose color as perfect contrast for light and shining skin.

Soft colors are the mainstream in New York as well. The three great points of this fashion are natural make-up, soft and shiny skin and indistinct lips. How to achieve this kind of effect? First of all you need to put on a little bit of make-up base and shiny lips balsam. Eyes should be highlighted a little with clear, bright colored shades and soft colored eyeliner. The most suitable blush would be peachy colors, especially warm tones.

While other capitals of fashion prefer light and neutral make-up, London turns to sexual moments in colors of grey and black. This type of make-up should look like actors in black and white photos or silent picture movies. This image is created by special effects under eyebrows. It may take many efforts to achieve great result. First of all, a face is covered with make-up base; then black or grey shades are applied on the eyelids. No preference is given to neither glossy nor mat shades. However mat rosy or red colors are recommended for lips.