By Jillian Lite

Trend to stop:
1. Hoop earings: MUST GO, they look really cheap and make you look like a pirate.
2. Peasant Tops: If you wear a bra, I suggest most not-likely to wear a peasant top.
3. Make-Up on young kids: My parents have a theory that wearing make-up all the time makes you look nice, but when you take off the make-up you look terrible and most fashionably don't look as good as the other kids/girls wearing make-up!!!!!

Trend to start:
1. Baseball T-shirts: are really cool and look good on everyone.
2. Denim Shoes: Look awesome stylish and cool with any out fit.
3. Denim Jackets: AS some people like I say there's nothing like a good 'ol denim jacket and it goes with anything.