Hair has always been a very important part of style. No man or woman can look really fashionable without the trendiest haircut. 2007 is a season influenced by the 60s', maybe that's why crops and bobs are so popular.

The fact is that hair is becoming shorter and shorter. The short business cut is equally popular with both men and women. This season short hair will be more punk and messy or even shaved short. This type of hairdo will be slightly longer on top and coming to almost zero by the ears and back. Short hair is mostly popular due to the fact that it takes little upkeep to stay in place or quickly fix on a windy day. Although short hair is very popular, it's not the only way to look fashionable.

The tousled or so called "out of bed" looks is just catching on. However, this purposely messy hairdo is becoming popular very fast and if you want something new yet very fashionable try the shaggy look. This style is obviously longer than the short one. The secret for this hairdo is not to wash hear every day and do it at night. Once it's dry apply your hairstyling products, then go to sleep, wake up and go. You may need to fuss with it a little, but this is the style and it's hot.

One more classic and trendy hairstyle is the side part. It may have a sexy, rock or punk variation. No matter what's the length of your hair, this style may be added to any other style and in the season of 2007 it'll definitely look fashionable.

The trendiest hairstyle for men is also the messy one. But if your social position requires something more mannish try the dry look. A quick blow dry can straighten unruly waves and make 50 hairs look like 500. This style has just made a come back, just like facial hair. Growing a beard, mustache, goatee or sideburns can fill out a weak chin or make a young man look more mature.

The curly and the straight looks are very fashionable for long hair. Most hair has some sort of natural wave. All you have to do is get your hair damp and use salt water in a spray to bring those waves out. If you want a better effect, don't wash your hair every day. The choice of straight hair doesn't mean it has to be perfectly straight. Straight hair edges get soft and shapes plump-up. In general, celebrating natural texture is the easiest way to make an individual statement.

Colored hair is essential for both men and women during this season. Less splashy clothes allow hair to be used more as an accessory - a single thing that stands out. The cuts that are fashionable are simple so color is the main point at making it really trendy. Striking blond, rich red or deep, caramelized brunette is perfect. Tone-on-tone coloring adds smart sophistication to any shading. Harsh black, purple and stripy colors are no longer required in fashion world.

Simplicity, good styling and nice coloring are the keys for 2007 season. For the first time it's so easy to be fashionable - just be simple and a bit messy.