There is a certain part of our body that can disclose all our habits, tiredness and even food we choose or how often we exercise. Whatever we do it affects our skin sooner or later. If we do not live right skin loses its firm. It might be unnoticeable in early youth, but we can’t ignore it later. What can we do to prevent skin from losing its shine and elasticity? Basically, you need to live healthy life and take care of yourself. Here are some simple firm skin secrets to follow.

  • Use sun screener. You probably know that 15 daily minutes in a sun, gives your skin the best portion of the D vitamin. What about a longer period? Sun can dry skin cells and do pretty much damage by fastening aging processes and causing serious diseases. Sun

  • screener can prevent this from happening. Even if you want to become tanned, without protective means you will rather give your skin damaged but not shinny look.

  • Moisturize your skin every day. Sun, wind, cold, improper soaps, air conditioning or central heating – these are only several things that make a skin to lose its moisture. Apply special cream or oil right after bathing. Pay additional attention to your hands and face; they front most of environmental damage around the year. The less dye and perfume a lotion contains the better it’s for your skin.

  • Exercise regularly. It makes your shape look better and gives you energy. Furthermore it keeps your skin elastic. Regular exercising helps your skin to take up more necessary oxygen. When aging this skin ability can be strongly reduced.

  • Try contrasting shower. Pour yourself with hot and cold water by turns before you get out of bath/shower. This will make your skin to

  • relax and contract again and again and will keep it more elastic. Contrasting shower is also recommended as prevention mean against cellulite.

  • Avoid changing your weight too fast. When you lose weight too fast, your skin may not keep in pace with your body. And crumpled wrinkles may be left as a result. Needless to say ultra dieting is not healthy for whole organism. This also works the other way around: if you gain a lot of weight in a short time without moisturizing your skin, small tears may follow.

  • Eat healthy food. Every food is good for you in certain portions. If you prefer fast food to vegetables and home prepared meal, you probably get too much refined carbohydrate and fats, but not enough proteins, vitamins and minerals that your body needs for real.

  • Drink a lot of water. Humidity is vital for skin cells to regenerate. If you don’t drink recommended daily water intake, your body dehydrates and your skin fails to regenerate. Saying that water is a base of our life is not made-up. You should drink 8 glasses of water a day and additional 1 or 2 glasses if you are on diet or exercise intensively. Tea, natural juices and juicy fruit or vegetables can replace water; but coffee, carbonated drinks and alcohol make body to dehydrate even more.

  • Quit smoking and avoid alcohol. Both these things makes your body (of course including skin) to lose water. Furthermore, many unwanted materials get into your body and causes from small to serious skin diseases. Do I need to remind you that skin of heavy smoker is usually pale grey in color?

  • Avoid stress and let yourself to rest. Skin is the most conscientious mirror of your inner feel. If you don’t sleep well regularly, a skin becomes flabby. If you worry a lot, certain wrinkles will form on your face too early.

These advices do not sound like a magical solution, but all the great things are simple. You don’t need to go on strict dieting or buy expensive lotions to keep your skin firm and beautiful. If you love you body and take care of it, it will shine and look great.