The green tea is one of the most popular beverages around the world. It is adored in Asian countries and it started to take western tea lovers several years ago. How can it be healthy for you? Or should you avoid it? Each of us is unique, but a green tea has a lot of advantages that might be useful for you. Don’t miss a chance to live healthier.

Chinese people even have a proverb about treating powers of the green tea saying that it’s better to have a cup of green tea than take a medicine. Why? It’s because of healthy components hiding in this drink.

Green tea contains antioxidants (vitamin D, a large amount of vitamin C and catechin) that can improve your health in several ways. First of all they can slower aging process because they fight free radicals that are produced by human body all the time. Free radicals damage cells and might cause some illness. It’s a natural process and it can’t be stopped, but it can be slowed. Catechins together with fluoride can prevent periodontal disease and cavity.

Green tea increases body’s immune system by fighting certain bacteria. When brewed, it can neutralize chloramines in water. Some doctors recommend green tea as a treatment for diarrhea.
Adding green tea to your diet might help you to improve circulation of the blood and reduce a risk of heart diseases. Drinking green tea regularly helps to lower blood sugar. Catechins found in green tea makes great influence to chemicals that causes high blood pressure.

Scientists learned that cancer diseases were much rarer in those Japanese regions that consume much more green tea comparing to other regions. This connection is under investigations, but some of the preventing features have already been proven. Medics agree that green tea extract can facilitate state for patients of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia.

Green tea contains caffeine that refreshes and awakes one. Caffeine amount in a green tea is not as significant as in black tea or coffee, but because of other green tea ingredients caffeine is absorbed slowly and has different effect. Furthermore green tea is healthier than coffee, because coffee makes body to dehydrated.

Scientist corroborated that green tea significantly increases fat burning. If you are on a plan to lose some weight, it’s recommended to drink green tea daily to accelerate the process and keep you brisk.

However green tea is not a cure for all diseases and even can cause some health disorders, especially when consumed too often. If you are not used to the effects of green tea, it might cause restlessness, insomnia or a shiver. The side effects might be more serious if you have problems regarding your heart, kidney or blood clotting, so you should consult your doctor before drinking a liter of green tea daily.

How to take all the advantages of green tea? The secret is in proper brewing. Do not brew green tea with boiled water but wait till it’s a bit colder. Vitamins and other useful materials can be damaged in high temperatures. Remove tea leaves or tea bag 2 – 5 minutes after brewing for the best taste. The water takes all the useful materials from tea leaves in this period; it can turn bitter if you don’t filter tea off five minutes after brewing.