It's very impolite to ask how much a person earns. Still there are some people whose income is discussed by the whole world. And it's rather easy to understand why... Nobody would dear to call them poor; moreover, billions of people couldn't imagine such sums even in their dreams. Men in entertainment business are the richest ones in the world. Which one of those richest is the richest one?
10-th place is occupied by Bruce Springsteen, who is an American rock singer-songwriter and guitarist. He has won 15 Grammy awards, only one of them was major (Song of the year, 1994, The streets of Philadelphia). He earns $55 million.
The person in the 8-th place earns $67 million; he is an actor and producer counted as one of the most successful movie stars in Hollywood. He has been nominated for three Academy awards and won the Golden Globe award. Of course it's Tom Cruise!
$84 million and the 6-th place belongs to Jerry Bruckheimer. This film and television producer works in the genre of action, drama and science fiction. His best know series is CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and The Amazing Race. He's also the creator of Armageddon and Pirates of Caribbean which are defined as his best movies.
4-th place is Jerry's Seinfeld who gains $100 million. Jerry is an American comedian, actor and writer. He is best known for the role in a semi-fictional sitcom Seinfeld, where he acted....himself! Comedian is also a bestselling author, most notably for his book Seinlanguage.
Second place - Howard Stern, who's income reaches $302 million. He's sometimes referred to as "King of all media"; he got this name because Stern hosts The Howard Stern show on Howard 100, a Sirius Satellite Radio station. This man is also an American radio and TV personality, media mogul, humorist, actor and author.
Are they as happy as they are rich? Nobody can tell. But probably they are happy not because of the sum they have on their bank account. The only thing provided by money is freedom, yet we may also be free without them.
9-th is Andrew Lloyd Webber who earns $56 million and is a highly successful British musical theatre composer. He's won an Academy award, a Golden Globe award, 3 Tony awards, 6 Laurence Olivier awards and 3 Grammy awards.
Dick Wolf, real name Richard Anthony Wolf is 7-th with his $70 million. He's one of American television's most respected drama series creators. This producer specializes in crime drama, which brought him an Emmy award. He created such series as Conviction; Law and Order: Trial by Jury; Dragnet; Crime & Punishment and many other.
One of the most famous today's American writers is Dan Brown, the author of the thriller fiction and 2003 bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code. He's 5-th and his income is $88 million.
George Walton Lucas, who occupies the third place, is a four-time Academy award nominee and an American film director, producer and screenwriter. His most famous works are the epic Star Wars saga and Indiana Jones films. He is one of the most financial successful independent creators, who earns $235 million.
And finally the first place - $332 million. Steven Spielberg earns the biggest amount of money. And he deserved it. This American film director and producer has been named as the most influential person of his generation. In his recent works he referred to such themes as holocaust, slavery, war and terrorism, yet his films have touched many themes and genres. Best known works of his are: Jaws; Jurassic Park; The Exorcist; Star Wars (together with George Lucas); Godzilla; Shindler's List; Catch Me if You Can; Munich and Saving Private Ryan.