Haircut together with clothes, shoes, accessory and many other details is very important part in forming one's style. Men just like women want to be fashionable, consider which hairdo to choose and how to take care of it. Unlike women, men usually prefer only two types of a hairdo: long and/or short. Which one is more fashionable this season? And which one is desired by women?

The most popular hairstyle between men is of course the short one. Why? Because it doesn't require any special care and it fits them perfectly! Men are very practical and they don't want to pay any special attention to such a small detail like hair. The shorter hair you have - the less you need to take care of it. Wash your hair, wait a few minutes and go: as simple as it can be. Still, even short hair may express person's character. Pushed forward or massy hair looks very fashionable and it doesn't call for any particular care. This kind of hairdos may be done without any hair care products, just form it after washing while the hair is still wet.

Long hair is stylish too. Of course it's not as popular as short hair, because it needs to be taken care of and it's definitely not for everyone. If the man has long hair, it doesn't mean he cares about it more than the one with the short hair. Commonly this hairdo is chosen by men whose style requires special look. The most popular "care" of such hair between men is simply pig-tailing them. It's the best way out because in such case, just like short hair, it actually is very comfortable - wash, dry and that's it. No hair products or any other "feminine" stuff.

The least popular is mid-length hair because such hairdo definitely requires attention. To make it look good, a man has to purchase hair-care products and apply them every single day. Such hair styles are very fashionable now. Making them messy is the key this season. Such hairdo will make any man look trendy, self-confident, self-caring and up-to-date. This is a great way to make an impression on any woman.

Which men hairdo is the most popular between women? The short one. It is so because first of all women are used to it and it always looks good on them. Long hair must be taken care of, but what men usually do is pig-tail them. And a pig-tail is not a very trendy hairdo, is it? Women seek style, character or at least some aestheticism. The easiest way out is short hair. Of course, mid-length hair would be the ultimate solution, but it is so only if the haircut is fashionable and the hair is taken care of.

How to make your hair look good? To begin with, find out what hairdo fits you best. Don't save your time while making it look fresh every day, use hair care products (it's not feminine!), color your hair if needed and form it every single day.

Being fashionable is important for both men and women. No matter which type: short, middle or long hair you choose, there's always a way to make it look trendy. The change of a hairdo may change other peoples' attitude to you and improve your life quality. Hair is a very important detail of our style, and style is a way of expressing your character. So don't make a wrong impression and don't be afraid to be yourself!