We may discuss popular and fashionable clothes, hairdos, shoes, bags, accessory, make-ups and many other things. What about models? Do such things as popular models according to their ethnicity exist? Yes. Designers choose people to represent their creations not only by their height and weight but also by their nationality.

The most popular ethnicity in 2007 modeling is Brazilian. Many popular designers now seek for character. What may express passion, energy or any other emotion better that black eyes and hear, dark skin and look of Brazilian girl? Brazilians are always associated with intense feelings and hard character, that's why they are so popular.

Great Britain's industry of modeling has something to offer too. These models are rather similar to Eastern European ones. However, they are slightly more popular because UK's industry on the whole is higher level and has more experience, so agencies deal with their clients very professionally.

Another very fashionable nationality is Chinese. These models are most probably chosen because the idea of a different culture is becoming more and more popular, "the world is all mine, no matter which country I belong to" says nowadays man. As far as the biggest modeling industries exist in Europe and U.S.A, Europeans find Chinese culture very exotic and interesting. These models refer to this interest and that's why the models are so popular.

As mentioned before, one of the biggest modeling industries exists in U.S.A. Therefore, the models of this country are always on top. Americans are usually chosen because they are already in the country and it's simply cheaper this way. Foreign designers usually prefer European models, because American's are known as difficult to work with, they are very stubborn, indifferent. However, this can't be said about all. Some of U.S.A models made a great career in Europe, Asia and other countries.

Ukrainian models are also becoming fashionable. Modeling industry in this country is just catching up, but as far as Eastern European models were always one of the most popular, Ukrainian girls are flying into this business. Together with other Eastern European countries, these models are chosen because of their snow-white skin and sky-blue eyes. They are also described as easy to work with.

Central Europe models will always be fashionable: it's a classic! German and French models are always welcome in every designer's show.

Other popular ethnicities are from Singapore and New Zealand. These ethnicities, just like Brazilian and Chinese are chosen because they are extraordinary, exotic and make an impression of a rather different culture, which is always a good way to attract attention.

Today's top models are the greatest prove of fashion trends in modeling:

  • Top super model of the world - Gisele Bundchen (Brazilian)
  • Top super model with staying power - Kate Moss (British)
  • Top black swimsuit supermodel - Tyra Banks (American)
  • Top swimsuit supermodel - Heidi Klum (German)
  • Top lingerie supermodel - Laetitia Casta (French)

Fashion exists in every single step of our lives, and modeling is not an exception. However, no matter what your ethnicity is, if you're a professional model, you will definitely be desired by famous designers. Model career depends only on you, not on your nationality. Nevertheless, if you can make a step further because some circumstances had turned right to you - don't miss your chance!