How about filling not only your senses but your very soul with the scent of love?

With these ten 'sexiting' tips, you will have an experience you and your man will never forget.

1. Cuddle up on a snow-soft couch or a warm rug, and watch a film brimming with love and romance.

2. Forget the SMS. End your dependence on e-mail. Rediscover the lost art of writing a good old-fashioned love letter. Pour out your feelings on handmade paper with a thick calligraphic pen, tie a red ribbon in the corner, spray your favourite perfume on it, and tuck it in a place where he will find it first thing in the morning. And mind you, love letters are not just for young sweethearts even if (or rather, especially if!) you have been married 30 years, those syrupy words will melt him faster than butter.

3. Steal a few moments to pamper yourself. Take a warm bath, treat yourself to a head massage, relax with a book. When you feel refreshed and happy, you will naturally want to do more for the man in your life.

4. It is easy to feel a calm joy if you allow yourself to sit, simply sit, in companionable silence for a while. Under the stars, by the seashore, in a chapel and find a quiet spot, and, holding hands, take in the beautiful silence. Sharing your silences can sometimes be the most romantic thing on earth.
5. Pick out a favourite photograph of you and him together, then have it laminated into a bookmark.

6. Have matching lingerie. A present that's handed over in a brown paper bag isn't nearly as touching as one that's thoughtfully wrapped. Trust us on this. It doesn't have to be fancy; it just has to match.

7. Undress him. The longer you can prolong this, the more wonderful, agonising tension you'll build. If you can manage it without breaking the flow, proceeding to undress while he watches will make him putty in your hands.

8. Tell him how good it feels. Men thrive on praise, never more so than between the sheets. Not only will it make him feel like a million bucks, but it'll keep you both focused on what's working.

9. Let your hands wander. Subtle but devastating. Years from now, he'll remember the way your nails trailed along the small of his back.

10. Write him a sexy love letter telling him what you like best about your sexy relationship. Also, tell him what you love about his sexy moves.