Summer, sun, sea... No matter if it is a sun bath if you are swimming in the sea - it is a mini catwalk right at the beach. The summer of this year is a real boom in the beach fashion. You may wear a bikini or a one-part swimsuit, but the main accent will still remain the accessories and details, which will fulfill the whole swimsuit article. Mini skirts, bags, kerchiefs and hats - that is what you should wear at the beach this summer.

Speaking about the beach fashion boom and having in mind not only the bikinis, but everything related to them as well, we should mention one more thing - all this has already been in fashion some time ago in the past. Swimming and leisure clothes, blouses tied in a knot, tight dresses of 50's, 60's and 70's style are recalling the patterns of swimsuits. The only difference is that today all the textile accessories, outdoor clothes and skirts are cut minimalitistically and the variety of them has no end.

Two-parted swimsuits have been in fashion for a very long time now, so we have a new tendency - two-parted swimsuits are leaving our wardrobes and one-part swimsuits are coming back to the tops. This was caused by the rebirth of the 80‘s swimsuit fashion. The swimming clothes style at the time was influenced by growing popularity of aerobics. Extremely bright colors with very deep hip cut-offs, which sometimes even reached the waist line. Though we cannot wear these classic style swimsuits as the new fashion trend is much more open, sometimes showing even more than some bikinis. Extremely cut-off back, big décolleté forms that show the whole belly, V-form neck - that's what the designers are offering this year.

The two-part swimsuits are not yet totally off. If you have a very nice belly and you would like to show it to the men audience at the beach, choose the retro style and be proud of your beauty. Heightened waist which was popular in the 60‘s, small hips cut-offs, mini belts and everything else then recalls us Marilyn Monroe are probably the highest top accessories.

The color palette of materials this season is unusually wide and varies from brown tones to pastel mint and pink colors, also may even reach elegant gold shades. Gold-shaded swimsuits are eye-catching not only for men, but also for everyone else - you will be in the center of attention. A very classy and one of the most important colors this season is white, which looks perfectly on the tan body. Don‘t forget the deep blue sea color which recalls the 50‘s. The flower patterns have never been out the fashion before, so they are still in, this season. Wear flower pattern swimsuits if you want to look very feminine and surround everyone with summer mood.

Indian patterns and accessories expose the lines of a beautiful body perfectly, and playful bikinis with skirts leave space for romantics. Your favorite belt looks classy with in accord with your bikini, and a girdle will emphasize your waist and will fit well with a one-part swimsuit.