Cindy Hui won 2nd place in Spring Photo Model contest in!

Cindy Hui is an amateur model from Dublin, Ireland. Recently, she did advertising work for Giordano Records. Our congratulations!

Which of your photos do you like most of all?

"I liked round 1 photo the most because I had to come up with make up and design a costume for it."

We can see a very nice forest behind you, what was that place?

"The photo was taking up in the Wicklow mountains in a forest. (from author: Wicklow Mountains National Park covers part of a mountain range that extends over most of County Wicklow on the east coast of Ireland.)"

How did you feel yourself as warrior? :)

"A warrior I had to slightly change my frame of mind to be. Thinking of the photographer as the target and focusing on him, the thought of being on top to survive."

About photo for Round 2: I think you like photos made outdoor?

"I like it better though because it's easier to change the location to suit the shoot."

I've heard the water was extremely cold, can you tell about it again?

"Yes it were extremely cold for me, Irish weather sometimes isn't good. The temperature being about 10 degrees Celsius made the water a lot colder specially being up in the mountains. I was shaking and unable to move a lot of joints upon getting out. My body was starting to go blue, which thankfully didn't show up in the photos."

Cindy knows how to choose places for photo shoots to impress, first, mountains, second, waterfall, and third place was near the ocean.

Tell us where you were that time? On the lake?

"I was down in Dun Laoirghe in Dublin near the harbor at that time. Near the ocean. The angle stopped the city and the docks from being seen, to make it less cluttered."

Photo for Round 3 supposed to be sexy, the task was "Sexy back", and how do you feel yourself posing sexy?

"I do not mind having to pose like that, as that was what was needed to be done for that round. I am confident with my body too."

What kind of style in photo modeling do you like?

"I do not have a preferable style of modeling; I like all of what I have done so far, and on my hopes to pursue glamour and nude too, leave my ranges wide."

I know recently you have a job for CD cover?

"I had tried getting with an agency but after not getting with any I realized that I should try looking for jobs and try increase my exposure. I started making adverts and other online portfolios to try get some, eventually I had a hit and they liked my style. They asked me would I do a cd cover, which eventually developed into a bit of other work, they asked for maybe behind the cd, or a cd insert for the next one also. Or maybe the next one might feature me on cover. The producer and group were in America, which meant I had to get a photographer and send the images over. They said that I would have to pose near or beside the group logo. They sent across the t shirts and the photo release form. The images were going to be used by a GFX artist too cut me out of the background and onto a black one with the logo."

Very interesting story about Cindy, we wish her all the best and our congratulations! See Cindy's portfolio.