Catherina Kurnia won 3rd place in Spring Photo Model contest!

Catherina Kurnia is an amateur model from Jakarta, Indonesia. She is 17 years old and studying in Kawanku Modelling School. Catherina knows: "Where there's a will, there's a way"!

Which of your photos do you like most of all?

"I love my photo for round 3 the most, I guess. But love the second one also!"


"I love all of my photos. I guess they are the results of myhard work. Since I don't have any professional photographer to take pictures of me, so I guess the photos are the pure results of my modeling ability. I know it's not that good and I am still very amateur. The reason why I love the third pic the most is it's the first time I posed that 'brave' for the camera. You know, I never even took pic of me wearing lingerie and stuff before (even by my own self). And you can see I wore a closed-outfit for my first and second round pic."

Cathy told us that she was very afraid when the photographer took a picture for Round 3. It was the most difficult task for her.

Why the third round was the most difficult part for you in the contest?

"My heart was beating so fast and I never get used to that feeling in front of the camera. I never get used to pose that brave, never even try in front of the mirror. The first picture that was taken for the third round was... my face looked so pale and scared. But luckily, and strange, it took only 5 minutes for me to get used to pose that brave. I know you didn't see it as a brave picture or something sexy at all but for me it's kind of nerve-wracking."

Our contest was for fun but no matter what girls have learnt a lot of useful things from this experience. Cathy put these things in such list:

1. I learnt that to pose in front of the camera, we need the ability to act, not just to pose. We need to be one with the person the photographer want use to be. And be that person actually.
2. Learnt that I need to lose my self when modeling for something I don't really like.
3. Learnt that the photographer is also a huge factor for being a great picture, no just the model.
4. Learnt that a modeling world is a very hard world. Even in this small contest there were fights and suspiciousness.
5. Learnt that 'where there's a will, there's a way' like my mom told me so. I never thought I could be in the top 3. Never expected it.

Cathy, I know there is something special about your photo for Round 2?

"Can you see a small spot above my head? It doesn't look like a planet but it is. It's Venus. Here we can see Venus every 5 AM or 5 PM. And the photo shoot for round 2 took the most time of all. The first shot was at 2-3 PM, then we decided to take another shot at 4-5 PM so the lighting was a little bit hazy and bad. And tada! There was the Venus. I guess the Venus in the photo adds a little bit romance and seductive looks blended."

What about task for Round 1, the theme was a fairy?

"The photo for Round 1 I took for my modeling school portfolio. But I was very busy that time so I took that photo and edited it for the contest. I think I could do better. But to be on the second in round 1 made me glad. The task for round 1 was actually a hard task. If I wasn't allowed to use Photoshop, sure I wouldn't do that well."

Where did you get wings?

"I took the wings from the internet, and took one with green color to add the photo with the theme. The background had a little forest theme in there so I guess a green wings would do good, and white-green shirt on me did well too"

What kind of style in photo modeling do you like?

"Style of modeling I like... maybe elegant. I prefer to spread my seductive and passionate look in front of the camera to smile in front of it. Smiling or laughing in front of the camera just not reflects my character as who I actually am. Well you can see it from my portfolios."

I wish Catherina all the best and hope she will win in future contests. It was very pleasant to write about her. See Catherina's portfolio.