Courtney Le Roux won 1st place in Spring Photo Model contest!

By some ironic our winners have names begin with same letter "C". But by contest's rules only one person can win 1st place. Courtney Le Roux won her first but I am sure not the last contest today!

Which of your photos do you like most of all?

"I would have to say the first round photo."


"I really like the whole idea of new beginning and having a real baby in was amazing!

(from author: By the way, it was Courtney's mom idea). The baby kept crying, and only sometimes it would be happy and that's when we had to take the picture! So I was trying to look calm and relaxed, while I had a baby in my hands crying! It was a good laugh though, and we got some lovely pictures!"

I can see you prepared hard - a nice wings, costume, pretty lovely background?

"The wings I got from my next door neighbors child, she's 8! It wasn't really a costume, the top was my friends and I thought it would be really nice, it was a natural color and that's what I wanted to show in my picture; fairy of new beginnings. My dad was the photographer! Which is quite funny, had never taken a REAL photo before... IT was really fun though :))"

We felt a big colour burst from Courtney's photo for Round 2. What do you feel when look on this picture? Right, hot Africa, sunset heat and passion...

What was your inspiration for that photo?

"For my second round photo I wanted to be different, do MY style... My favorite thing in the whole world is sunsets, some people like mountains and country, but I love sunsets! I've always kept it with me. Since I am from Africa, there were the most beautiful sunsets, dark red and orange and since moving to Northern Ireland I've lost them... This is why I wanted to reflect this in my photo, the colors: yellow, orange and red.
I wanted to be the girl from Africa, so that is the one of the main reasons."

And we do believe you that you are a real girl from Africa. What about perfume that you used for your advertising. Do you actually like that smell?

"I love the smell of this perfume!! Its lovely, fresh and new, just like the sunset... I use it all the time, and in fact it's nearly finished! Lol"

During 1st round we saw a tender beautiful angel-girl, but in 2nd round you appeared as girl-vamp, I guess... J?
The colors for the perfume photo; I thought was amazing! I love using bright colors (when I can)! Its eye catching :)) In the perfume photo the make up on my eyes was a bit much, but that's what I wanted... to reflect the sunset.

Round 3 was challenging. It was called "Sexy back" after Justin Timberlake's song; all girls had to do a half-body shoot in something black with a touch of something red but with naked or half-naked back. If you were watching for contest, then probably you should know the task. Anyway, a lot of girls were a little confused because posing sexy is not usual thing for young models.

How did you feel yourself posing sexy?

"Doing the sexy back photo was a bit awkward; it was the first time I had a proper photographer doing the shots. So I didn't really know him; but I started to loosen up and it all turned out in the end :))"

Great! What place did you choose for photo shoot?

"That is my backyard! It got a lovely arch leading into the upper garden with stones and vines, its lovely! That's the great thing about my backyard, lots of places to shoot!"

Participating in our contest encourage Courtney to look for another opportunities to increase her talent as a model. And soon, she got her first job...

You were a Spider woman on a hair show, right?

"Right, I did a hair show for the local hair dress's in the area! It was amazing :) I didn't get paid any money; it was just a fun event. Mad hair everywhere! Lol

The most exciting part was when I was just about to go on, they would call my name and I'm out! Everyone is looking at me, it's a great feeling!"

Do you have any propositions of work right now?

"At the moment I don't have any jobs, it's hard because I'm an amateur so I don't know what offers are good ones and which are not. People say thing modeling world is fierce! So I've just got to keep my chin up and hope something comes along :)"

Courtney, of course, something will come along soon, we congratulate you and we will keep watching for your future success! See Courtney's portfolio.