Scars remind us of funny adventures or terrible accidents or surgical operations, but do they decorate us? Many people think their scars are big disadvantages that make their appearance less attractive. Scars used to be a proof of warrior's courage in former times, but nowadays, when beauty and eternal youth are praised, even old fashioned men became concerned about scars treatment possibilities. If you decided to take care of your scars, you need to know what chances are out there.

Let's face it: there is no way to completely remove a scar. But there are several ways to make it less noticeable. Scars can be different in form, color; they can be results of various causes. Therefore they need to be treated with different means. Basically, there are three ways to fight scars: surgery, creams and lasers.

Surgical way is recommended when scar is salient or vice versa - "cut out" (i.e. acne scar). When healed up skin is salient, the scar tissue is removed during surgery and healed in special way to be less visible. In some cases of prominent scar or cut-out scar, a small piece of skin is being attached after removing the original scar tissue. This additional skin is excised from less perceptible part of patient's body, i.e. from behind the ears.

Scar removal creams, gels and lotions are highly promoted in nowadays market. They do a great work when a scar tends to be red, rough or swollen. Ointments provide skin with a lot of humidity and special components that induce a skin tissue to regenerate more than usually. Scar treatment creams contain certain amount of collagen as well. Collagen is natural part of human body which helps to keep a flat skin. Creams and gels are also recommended to heal burn off caused scars and stretch marks. Ointments do more effect to young scars, but they can make old scars appear less noticeable too. There are several creams dedicated to wounds treatment that can make skin to heal up prettier.

Laser treatment is used for all types of scars, but not for all types of skin. People with dark skin tones are recommended to avoid laser treatment. This technology is used to remove almost all scar tissue. Later the skin is stimulated to healthy regenerated. The disadvantage of this kind of treatment is a very slow recovery; it might take from 10 to 18 months for a skin to regenerate. Even after this period, there's no guaranty of success, because it might take two or three procedures to finally see the effect. Other laser treatment is used to remove the redness. The laser light contracts blood vessels in a scar and makes it look more like uninjured skin.

There are some other ways to treat scars, but they are not as effective as the ones mentioned above, that is why they are not that popular. Special massages can be recommended while skin is still healing, this can help to form softer and less noticeable scar tissue. Sometimes tiny portions of collagen or fat from patient's body are injected under salient scar. These materials are absorbed into skin and may flatten the scar. Healthy skin needs a lot of moisture to regenerate normally; while scar tissue requires even more humidity. Special patches that contain either mineral oil or silicone are created to ensure the needed moisture. This treatment might be inconvenient if a scar is on the face or other visible place as the patch needs to be worn 24 hour a day for about two months to take an effect.

Scars are results of healing skin; they depend on your body's healing abilities and of course on the seriousness of injury. If you want your wounds to heal up quickly and scars to be less visible, avoid scratching scabs and follow doctor's orders.