I was asked to participate in a contest Miss FTV, which had to be held in a ship. On June 15th, me and three other Lithuanians flew to Israel. It was a very long trip; we had to stop in Prague airport for eight hours. The flight from Prague to Israel took another 5 hours. We were very tired when at last at 5 a.m. we have reached Israel's airport. It was not a pleasant procedure to be asked a lot of questions about who we are, where are we going, why, etc. I was even a bit scared that we will not pass through those officers (most of them were angry women) who examined us as criminals. Finally we got lucky and passed through the custom, took a taxi and went right to the FTV ship. I was interested in visiting Israel, but unfortunately we had no time, so I will have to get back there once more J As soon as we got on that ship, it sailed us to Cyprus.

The FTV ship was magnificent - the staff was very kind and helpful, the FTV team (producers, choreographers, photographers and others) were really professionals of the highest level. We had a pleasant tour through the ship, got nice cabins and became acquainted with other models from Romania, Denmark, Israel, Russia, Belgium and other countries.

On our first day we were taking sun baths, enjoying a good company and just taking a rest. When we reached Cyprus, rehearsals and filming had started - I was enjoying it a lot. After the work part, we had a cool party with models, FTV team and even the owner of the whole FTV Michael Adams.

The next day was dedicated for Turkey. We had an all-day rest, visited Antalya, bought some souvenirs and went back to the ship. In the evening there was a filming of Miss FTV and a presentation of designer Rossi Barbarossa clothes collection. The designer had also participated in the collection presentation, and later in the press conference. This day was full of impressions, but we were not tired at all. So in the evening we had one more FTV party.

On the next day, we arrived to a lovely Greek island called Rhodes. The whole day was free, so we rented a car and went through all the island. In the evening, we had a supper in a very nice restaurant with Michael Adams, a few models and FTV team members. The next day we had some work to do, so there were filming, photo sessions and rehearsals in Crete. It was a great time we had there - swimming in the sea, mini cruize with a cutter, sun baths and great company.

Finally we came to Sicilia from where we flew back home to Lithuania.

This trip was like a fairy-tale, we are very thankful to Michael Adams and all the FTV team for the great moments we had. If you want to have a really good memory and spend some amazing time on a FTV ship, join them and book a cruise.

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