Holidays again? Another hard task to decide how should you spend them? You're tired of lying in a beach or walking through museums? Want to try something different? Make your holiday extreme and be sure you'll never forget it!

One of the most popular extreme holidays is rafting. Rafting down one of the big rivers is for the true adventure. Legendary drops, thirty feet standing waves, rapids and riffles, all set against incomparably dramatic scenery, thick jungles and tribal people virtually untouched by the modern world. You may choose the track which includes old temples, tracks trough jungle and even accommodation at local people's houses, which are usually rather poor, but very interesting. This is a holiday for a true adventurer.

If you're seeking something excessively extreme, white shark expedition is just for you. This holiday is based on traveling trough shores of South Africa and meeting white sharks. You will be able to see them not only while standing on the dock, but also dive and see them deep under water. Of course you would have to make a special course before leaving, improve your diving skills, get some information about shark behavior and learn to behave with them. Meeting wild life creatures, especially as dangerous as white sharks, is very exciting and unforgettable. If you consider diving with sharks too extreme, you are able to choose diving with whales; these huge but not dangerous animals will surely make your holidays worth remembrance.

Don't like getting wet? Prefer land trips? Climbing is just for you then! Any mountains would do to achieve the goal of nice holidays. Yet if you'll choose the higher ones, it'll be more extreme. The expeditions usually take more than 10 days and are very exhausting. Sleeping in tents, walking and climbing trough snow, carrying heavy weight and sometimes even having problems with breathing, because of the air absence in high mountains, is definitely not for everyone. However, unbelievable views, absence of people and incredible feeling of the power of nature is worth anything.

Another extreme way to spend your holidays is a desert expedition. Only a real adventurer would dear to choose heat, desert animals like snakes and scorpions, absence of everything instead of a daily rest near the sea. Usually, such expeditions take place in Africa, so you will be able to see old caves, find water in the middle of a desert, meet local people, see places untouched by civilization and feel what mirage really is. Desert expedition is definitely worth any extreme hunter attention.

One of the most extreme holidays are the ones in North Pole. This extreme expedition includes climbing, diving, driving dog carriage and many more activities. You will be able to see arctic as it really is; its natural beauty and royalty, meet the Pole's flora and fauna and experience many adventures. Discovering Northern beauty requires a lot of willpower and strength, but seeing iceberg's real size under water, meeting penguins, white bears, wolves and such unimaginable nature beauty pays back all your efforts. Expedition to North Pole is undoubtedly extreme and unforgettable holidays.

Choosing holidays isn't one of the easiest tasks. But having at least one extreme holiday is a necessity. Holidays full of adventures are the ones you'll remember best and remember it with big pleasure.