Women are always very fast to state what they hate about men, why aren't they the ones to blame for bad relationships, what aspects of their behavior irritate them and what man would never attract them. What makes you think men don't have such ideas? The following ten reasons will help you to understand that sometimes you are to blame too. These reasons will also make it easier for you to get a boyfriend if you still don't have one.

The most irritating thing about female appearance for a casual man is extra weight. Having a girlfriend for a man also means having a person which would be accepted by his friends, they want their girl to be beautiful, because it's a case of honor. If his friends will start making remarks on some of your physical or mental abilities (negative ones of course), your boyfriend will start feeling uncomfortable, try to avoid situations when you and his friends would meet and most probably finally he'll choose his friends. Even if he won't, his sexual attraction won't be as intense as it should be.

If you have tiny mustaches, remove them at once! That's the biggest disaster for men. They can't look at a female with a hairy face without disgust. No matter how slim, beautiful, friendly and sexy you are, if you have mustaches - forget about getting a boyfriend. This little defect is a big problem, because it represents your untidiness. Every single female has to take care of her body, because men like tidiness and they expect this from women.

It's hard to believe, but men can not stand ugly feet. It does not mean that you have to feel insecure about them, just make sure they look as decent as possible and get them done on a regular basis.

Short hair is becoming more and more popular among women. Do men like it? No. The more feminine female looks - the more attractive she is. And short hair is understood by men as a sign of masculinity. The dream girl always has long and beautiful hair. As far as they themselves already have short hair, they want to touch the long ones, they like to play with it and be proud of their beautiful and, what's the most important, feminine girl.

Another problem arises when a woman is taller than her boyfriend. In such a case, men become nervous, because it strikes their ego. They want to feel powerful but they can't if female is higher than the male in question. They lose their self-confidence and after some time it starts to damage the relationship.

When it comes to character, men can't stand one woman criticizing another. Nobody is perfect! What right do we have to judge somebody? Moreover, women like to make remarks on other women they don't even know. Men hate all the gossip thing, so try to discuss such things with your friends, not with your boyfriend.

Lack of interest in a man's activity definitely is one of the biggest mistakes woman can make. They need to be noticed just as much as we do and they need a good word to improve their ego (which is the most important thing for them). The case of interests includes the case of bed too, because men are very keen on it. Make sure he feels you care about it and you'll definitely make him happy (the ego once again).

Men hate to be treated as an emotional support. They are not used to express their emotions and yours will certainly make him feel awkward. Men can't stand the situation where they don't know what to do. And that's exactly it.

Shopping is one of the most beloved women activities, but not that of men. They see no point in walking around and checking out for clothes, shoes or anything else. You'd rather go shopping with your friend. This way you'll save his and your nerves.

A self-centered and dominating woman may forget about a good and peaceful relationship. Men also want to dominate and when their ego is insulted, they start to get angry. It's always good to have your character and not be afraid to show it, yet try to think of your partner too. Make agreements and don't become a monster because you'll definitely lose the person you want to be with.

There are a lot of features men hate about women; try to think of a person you love, don't be selfish. We all have some disadvantages in both appearance and character. If you don't think you should change something about yourself - don't. Every rule has an exception. Just wait for a person who will have you as you are.