Accessory is one of the most important parts in your style. You may wear excessively fashionable clothes but your style will never be complete without the trendiest accessory. These small details make your style unique and noticeable. As far as shops are full of bright colored clothes with big flowers or futuristic details, accessory for 2007 summer is also very bright, big and eye-catching.


The first thing that comes to mind while talking about accessories is bags. A real lady couldn't ever leave home without this little (or maybe large) useful detail. Only celebrities could catch up with all bag trends, yet you may purchase at least one and be sure it'll make you look fashionable with various combinations of clothes.

This summer you should definitely have an excessively bright and unusually shaped bag. Don't pay attention to the fact that after this season you'll have to put it deeply in your closet. The history of bags and other accessories is commonly repeated every several years, so you'll be pleasantly surprised and able to wear your original bag once again.

All famous fashion names, such as Versace, Gucci and others, recommend silver or golden colors. The form may remind of old grandmas suitcase or an alien head - the more interesting, the better. It can also be decorated with twinkling stones or fake gems.


You have to be careful not to get sunstroke. Therefore you must have at least one hat made of straws. The most fashionable hat this year is a straw hat, black with wide edges and a rounded vertex girded with a band. If you're wearing a light beach dress with flowers, pick a white hat and you'll certainly be noticed.

Another trendy way to cover your head is a turban. No matter what you're wearing - an evening dress or sport clothes, a turban will definitely make you look good and fashionable. It looks very extraordinary, so be ready for attention.

If you don't like to cover your head with hats, not even talking about turbans, at least gird your head with a wide, fashionable band or rolled scarf.


All the fashion collections, without any exception emphasize women waist. It's time to stress the most beautiful part of a woman's figure. Various shaped leather belts cope with this task without any problems.

The trendiest ones are the widest ones. However, if you prefer small details - a thin belt with a huge gilded belt-buckle will do perfectly.

Futuristic belts with bright pink or orange verges are also very popular. These go excessively well with bright and flowered dresses.


The sunglasses industry has been revolutionized. The most important feature of this season is size. Famous designers' collections are filled with large, rounded sunglasses that have wide plastic frames. This accessory is required to be double-colored; for example, red-black, while-black and yellow-white.


Huge, interestingly shaped metal and plastic bracelets, large ear rings, ramshackle necklaces and even leather collars are fashionable as never before. They are large enough to be noticeable and even if you don't wear them for a long time you'll have something very impressive for some special occasions.

Don't forget that purchasing a fashionable thing doesn't mean that you'll be looking fashionable only because you wear it. Try to look for an accessory that would fit perfectly with your clothing, your daily makeup, your hairdo, and, of course, your character.