Mankind made a huge progress in several thousand years; however we are still dependant on five of our senses. You may not believe it, but the most important thing that decides whether we like person or not is smell. Don’t be hurry to deny it. We do take an image and communication in account, but subconsciously we are very sensitive to smells. More than that, there are certain scents that make us feel euphoric, worry us or even seduce us. If you’ve ever traveled next to a perfumed person you know that smell can be irritating. However, we don’t “register” all the smells with our conscious mind, but they influence us greatly.

Though natural body smell (not a stink of course!) is considered the most sexual, there are some scents used in perfume business that can make us passionate. Some perfumes appeal to our emotions and charm us. What scents should one choose to charm others?

Musk is a part of almost all perfumes; however, it’s not the main accent of them all. The exiting impact of musk has been known for centuries and even thousands of years. What’s so special about it? We react to musk smell as to great portion of pheromones. The scent attracts attention to a person who wears it. Musky smell is considered wild and close-to-nature and, of course, sexual. It can be worn both by men and women; however, most perfumes world wide are dedicated for females. Musk is also considered a “heavy” scent, but most perfumes contain more than one note, so you can find the one that suits you.

Woodsy and spicy tones make us interested and grab attention as well as musk scent. Wood blend is rather dedicated for men. Rich cedar and sandalwood scents are both refreshing and inspiring. Wood scents also are considered very natural and appealing to our senses. Timber and moss remind us of nature, they are cozy, but rather stimulating than calming.

Oriental perfumes are considered sexual as they are exotic. And exotic, unusual things attract people a lot. Oriental perfumes are made of an interesting mix of woods, amber, vanilla scents and others. They are recommended for eveningwear. They might be too “heavy” for daywear and young persons, as oriental smell is considered sophisticated and mature.

Floral scents are sexual in a different way. Jasmine, rose and other blends show a feminine person that is also tender, funny, romantic and sweet. Floral tones disclose a woman that is in need to be under someone’s guardianship, while a woman wearing heavy perfumes, even those dedicated for men, is considered strong and passionate. You can find each case sexual, as it actually depends on what kind of woman you are looking for and/or what kind of woman you feel you are.

Now perfumes that remind us of edible things attract us in two ways. “Edible” scents not only smell nice, they smell delicious. They also remind us of certain food and we can feel the taste deep in our imagination. I bet you know a girl that is sweet as vanilla or a boy that is spicy like cinnamon and cloves. “Edible” perfumes (also called Gourmand) are a great way to be in the center of attention.